'30 Rock' Best Lines Recap: Steve Austin Says Weird Stuff

Liz Lemon's Butt This week's super-duper 30 Rock cameo was by Mad Men’s John Slattery, playing the opposite of Roger Sterling. Slattery played Steve Austin, a paranoid wacko candidate from Rhode Island with a poofy perm and an unfortunate tendency to say weird stuff. (And, yes, Steve Austin was the name of the Six Million Dollar Man.)

Here are the 10 funniest lines, in no particular order -- except that they're in the order in which they were said in the episode.


Liz Lemon:
Trying on jeans is my favorite thing! Maybe later I can get a pap smear from an old male doctor. [I've done this -- ed.]

Jenna Maroney:
This store is great! It’s popular with all the young people -- I mean, all the us.

Steve Austin:
I don’t believe in parties. I don’t join them, and I don’t get invited to them. Hint, hint.

Steve Austin:
If you’re going to have government, make it as small as possible. Dwarves. Tiny buildings. Pizza bagels for lunch.

Liz Lemon:

Technically, I am a freelancer. Which is pretty much like a modern-day cowboy.

Tracy Jordan:
Well, definitely the foreign movies, like the ones where you don’t think there’ll be boobies, and then bam! Boobies!

My generation never votes. It interferes with us talking about ourselves.

Jenna Maroney:
That movie gave me drunk-in-the-bathtub face.

Tracy Jordan:
Sabotage? But I’m the one who does that to me!

Jenna Maroney:
I’ll be furious. Like, waking-up-next-to-Rob-Schneider furious.

What was your favorite line? Did you like John Slattery's character or do you like him better as Roger Sterling?

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