Speidi vs. LAPD -- Who Will Win?

Spencer and HeidiIt was a dark and stormy night (well, actually it was a bright and sunny LA day), when lovebirds Spencer Pratt and his plastic wife Heidi innocently came home to their apartment last January after she endured 10 surgeries in one day, only to be greeted by a horrifying LAPD ambush.

In a response to a 911 call for a suspected kidnapping (hmm ... I wonder who placed it?), the LAPD surrounded the Pratt-Montag home, guns at the ready. Thank goodness Spencer had his video camera coincidentally on so that they could film the whole experience, and RadarOnline has been slipped the exclusive video. Here's what happened on that fateful day:


In full documentary form, the video sets us up by telling us, "This is the untold story of what happened that day." God, I can barely stand the suspense.

The scene opens with Heidi putting on an award-winning performance, angrily shouting at the police station on the phone, You are harassing me! Do you understand? In my own home! In America! You are harassing me!

Spencer then takes matters into his own hands, as he shamelessly plugs in tell the cops that it's him and his wife, happily married, and that they just got done filming their show while talking to the LAPD on the phone.

The drama then builds, as they realize after moving the sea salt (?, actually Spencer, that's just regular salt) that, gasp! their security cameras have been shut down! Heidi fears for her life ("They can just shoot us!") while Spencer tries to talk sense into the erratic police force ("I was just meditating doing my Kundalini yoga ... my feminine spirit! We'll all come in and talk, we'll have tea! I have some German chocolate for you, sir.").

What? The LAPD didn't lower their guns at the German chocolate temptation? This is serious, y'all.

He then prepares Heidi for the indefinite conclusion, making her sit on the couch with her hands behind her head, as she cries behind thick black sunglasses. Shame on you, LAPD, shame on you. Spencer shields himself with a cute little fluffy puppy as he shouts through the door at the officers. Eventually he opens it, and the police storm through as Heidi and Spencer lay on the ground, helpless as their puppies escape through the open door.

The End.

Watch the full video on RadarOnline.com and tell me what you think!

Believe that this really happened or best performance ever given by Speidi?


Image via Valli_Hilaire/Flickr

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