Republican Candidate Steals and Lies About Morgan Freeman's Voice for Ad (So Vote Democrat Today!)


I know you're probably beyond sick of political ads at this point (and flyers cluttering up your mailbox, and phone calls at dinnertime, and Facebook relatives confessing their disturbing affection for Sarah Palin), but one more—featuring the dulcet tones of Morgan Freeman.

Ah, who doesn't love Freeman's voice? So authoritative. So soothing. So ... impersonated, in this case.

Republican candidate B.J. Lawson of North Carolina ran an ad against his Democratic opponent with what sounds like Morgan Freeman narrating the commercial. Lawson's team was so giddy about the response to the radio and TV spot that they trumpeted Freeman's involvement via a press release, saying:

Morgan Freeman doesn't have a problem cutting ads against Washington insiders or he wouldn't do it. […] People shouldn't be so shocked that someone like Mr. Freeman would think outside of the left-right red vs. blue dynamic.

Problem was, Freeman never did the ad. He fired back.

These people are lying. I have never recorded any campaign ads for B.J. Lawson and I do not support his candidacy. And, no one who represents me ever has ever authorized the use of my name, voice, or any other likeness in support of Lawson or his candidacy.

Lawson's camp has quickly backtracked, blaming the production company for an "error." How exactly do you accidentally use an celebrity impersonation in a political ad, I wonder?

Here's the ad in question. What do you think, is this Freeman's voice—or a close copy?

Image via Facebook

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mindi... mindiemoore

This candidate may or may not be an idiot, I only have your words to go on and by the title it's pretty apparent where you stand, but seriously, you don't think democrats don't do crap that is a little questionable?

Proud... ProudSingleMum

Hmmm...sounds like Morgan to me...

Linda Sharps

Mindie: I made the title deliberately obnoxious as a reminder to vote today. : ) 

Amy Elizabeth Yergen

That is NOT Morgan Freeman. It's very close, but no. I think it's the accent that is tripping people up most. Morgan Freeman is from Tennessee.

nonmember avatar Blueeyes

For heavens sake !!! 2 people can have similar voices! Happens OFTEN, what does he think he has a copyright on vocal cords!
(Freeman is a DOG anyway, married for years to one woman & a mistress on the side!)

hotic... hoticedcoffee

The voice is similar, but to me, it's obviously not Freeman. 

Also wanted to add - ANYONE who relies on TV/Radio commercials to determine who they will and won't vote for needs a smack in the head.  There's no truth in political advertising, period.  Find out where the candidates stand on your issues by checking their records, and make a decision based on what you align with.

Puter Prsn

Obviously you didn't do much research on this. The contract signed by the candidate's group specified Mr. Freeman as the voice-over. They were told that was what they got & didn't know it was a voice impersonator. The candidate in question didn't lie about anything - they had been told by the ad group that the contract had been fulfilled. The ad group has issued an apology ... and refunded their money.

ethan... ethans_momma06

As a person who LOVES Morgan Freemans voice ( I love it! ) I have to say that I can tell the difference. It never says it's done by him, so while unfair I don't think you can crminilize them for using a voice that just sounds like maybe it COULD be someone else.

Since it looks like it was done with INTENTION and they did claim that he did it... majorly screwed up. I hate this season.

white... whiteroses82

My local news, where this happened showedthe contract from the company. The campaign paid for a morgan freeman ad, that's what it said. Not sound alike. And no, this isn't fox news. I guess I'm sick of one side doing something stupid or making an error and it becomes "vote the other way." How about look @ the issues and history of the candidate, not the ads. And don't kid yourself. Both sides have been uber obnoxious.

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