'Ghost Hunters' Live: Halloween's Biggest TV Event

buffalo central terminal ghostsHalloween is the night to watch Ghost Hunters live on Syfy -- it's live and will be a six-hour event starting at 7 p.m.

The show focuses on Buffalo Central Terminal, a railroad station in Buffalo, New York, that once took commuters from upstate to NYC, but it's been vacant since 1979 and now is only inhabited by some paranormal activity. Legend has it that the spirits of former passengers roam the 17 floors of this massive complex.

There are stories .... and the Ghost Hunters have brought out the entire team plus some special guests.


Tales of bone-chilling cold spots on the train platform, unexplained bangs, and even apparitions appearing out of nowhere. Hosts Josh and Allison are joined by the TAPS team (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) Jason, Grant, Steve, Tango, Kris, and Amy. The WWE's Kofi Kingston is also a guest.

Besides watching on Syfy, you can follow along online and see live feeds from the railroad station filmed by thermal and infrared cameras. There's a panic button for viewers to press if they see a ghost. There's also a live chat on the site with the hosts and TAPS team responding throughout the night. And of course you can always go to twitter -- #ghlive.

It's tempting to call this the best of Halloween night television, but The Walking Dead premiers tonight at 10 p.m./9 c on AMC, so we'll have to compare tomorrow.

Are you watching Ghost Hunters?

Image via Syfy

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