Charlie Sheen Gives Worst. Excuse. EVER.

Charlie SheenI'm not sure who these publicists think they're fooling (we know that you knew that cocaine wasn't gum, Paris), but they've gotta start coming up with better excuses. After Charlie Sheen went on a naked drunk rampage in his hotel room with a hooker popping out of the closet, his publicist, Stan Rosenfield, is now saying it's because he "had an allergic reaction to some medication."


Because, unlike everyone else in this world, instead of getting hives, or swelling of the throat, or maybe bloodshot eyes, Charlie Sheen's allergies cause him to go into full-fledge apeshit mode.

Let's hope he's not allergic to pollen, eh?


Dumb move on the publicist's part -- he only looks like a bigger idiot in trying to make us actually believe it was medicine and not the combo of booze and blow that set him off. At this point, I'd just be like, Yeah my client was f*****d up! Because really, what else can you do? What story could you possibly pull out of your ass that justifies him practically destroying his hotel room and hiding prostitutes?

If you can find one though, I want to hear it. And then you need to immediately go to law school because you'd make one helluva lawyer.

What do you think of Charlie's story? Do you believe it for a second?


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