Lindsay Lohan Thinks Rehab Will Hurt Her Career (Um, WHAT Career?)


After violating her probation in September for testing positive for cocaine and illegal Adderall, you'd think Lindsay Lohan would be enormously relieved at being spared any further time in jail. She was given yet another lucky break today when Los Angeles Judge Elden Fox decided against giving her a fourth jail sentence, sentencing her instead to remain in rehab until January 3, 2011.

This is Lindsay we're talking about, though, so of course she tried to weasel out of it. In a report filed by her probation officer she states that she'd prefer an outpatient program, claiming she can no longer afford the inpatient treatment program and that she needs to work, because her clothing line is "falling apart" in her absence.

Clothing line? Oh right, those . . . um . . . leggings. Well, sure, that makes sense. If only Lindsay wasn't locked up at Betty Ford, I'd totally be buying these $110 sequin-flecked monstrosities.

A prosecutor had wanted a six-month jail sentence for Lohan, but Judge Fox opted for rehab after reviewing filings from rehab officials and a letter by Lohan herself. Fox was only partially swayed by Lindsay's pleas for being let go with a slap on the wrist (which is what outpatient treatment totally would have been), saying he's trying to provide her with a real chance at sobriety and that remaining in rehab through the holidays is crucial. He told a weeping Lohan,

"There's nothing better than a train wreck for a celebrity and I'm not going to have one in this case."

Yeah, too late on that one. The latest scoop in this ongoing cluster-eff is that Lindsay's mom Dina is shopping a reality show based on her daughter's current rehab stint.

What's left to say about Lindsay, really? I hope she manages to get herself pulled out of this endless tailspin, but I can't imagine it happening without her making some drastic changes. I don't mean riding out a couple more months at celebrity rehab, either. If Judge Fox really wanted her to have a chance at turning her life around, he probably should have sentenced her to permanently give up Hollywood and partying and her turdbucket parents, ditch the fugly legging line, and move to a log cabin in Montana.

What do you think about this sentence? Do you think he should have sent her to jail instead of rehab?

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lesle... lesleyd2010

You do the crime, you do the time... Besides, What career? That jig was up some time ago. It is so sad to see a young lady that had so much potential flush her entire life and future down the toilet. The best place in the world for her is behind bars for the maximum sentence for her crimes. She needs a reality check and wakeup call. She is no better than any ordinary citizen and should be treated as such.

nonmember avatar Heather

My biggest suggestion to everyone writing these articles and opinion pieces - FIND BETTER MATERIAL.

For gods' sake, you could be talking about something with real merit, as opposed to some young adult who has all of the problems thousands of other young adults have, without being exploited at every bad picture and turn.

What these articles tell me is that the people writing them need a new job, a different subject, or take a few courses in manners. Lindsay Lohan needs to get her life together, absolutely, but YOU ARE NOT HELPING.

Why not use your talent and far-reach online to write about something that will bring attention to real problems, so something can be done about it? Because, so far, you are only being a critical, downright RUDE, something-that-rhymes-with-witch.

Get over yourselves.

(For the record, I am not a particularly huge fan of Lohan, I just care about the well-being of other people.)

JenBr... JenBrooks76

Y'know if it had been me, I would STILL be in jail from that first offense.

Nancy... NancyJ422

Well @Heather considering Linda is writing for the ENTERTAINMENT section of The Stir...Moving on.....

Lindsay Lohan reminds me of one of those kids who's parents are incapable of saying NO or think everything their kid ever did is The Bomb.  It was obvious that Britney's issues were her own and not because of her parents because it seems they were able to get her back on the right track.

She will never right her course until that person who calls herself Lindsay's mother is out of the picture.  Maybe her father DOES know best?

I feel terribly sad for her because she was such a sweet little think in that Disney movie remake with the twins (obviously I'm drawing a blank) and she had a really bright future.  Not so much anymore.

nonmember avatar MichelleH

Lindsay has failed to grasp the obvious: that you can't do much in the way of acting or selling leggings when you're dead. Just sayin'.

I personally think this judge made an excellent decision. He is keeping her away from her enabling succubus of a family until after the holidays. And word is that Betty Ford is a pretty serious rehab center where she will actually be made to work on her problems and learn to put boundaries up with her psycho family and friends. As much as I want to see Lindsay face reality and harsh consequences for what she's done so she understands, I think she needs more help that that to get clean. So, I think the judge looked at the probation report, saw that she was making progress and made a decision that was within his authority to make based on that.

3gift... 3gifts.from.god

Um, it isn't the rehab that is ruining her career. It's the DRUGS. Her statement is just more proof that she NEEDS rehab. So sad..

mamac... mamacita69930

Wake up Lindsay, before it is too late. What a waste of pretty features even with plastic surgery. Total waste of talent down her nose.

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