Jen Garner and Ben Affleck Break-Up? Say It Isn't So!


Rumors are swirling that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are on the verge of a break-up.

Take it with a grain of salt, naturally, but The National Enquirer is reporting the break-up. According to Nicole Egan from People, who was on Kiss 108 in Boston this morning:

We have not been able to confirm it ... They [The National Enquirer] are right on a lot of things ...

So, is it true? Only time will tell, but in light of the recent rash of celebrity break-ups -- Jordan Bratman and Christina Aguilera; Courteney Cox and David Arquette; and Ben Harper and Laura Dern -- it wouldn't surprise me. It would make me sad, though.

Of all the couples in Hollywood, Ben and Jen seem the most "real."

They go to baseball games, just like us!

Jen goes out wearing mom clothing, just like us!

She juggles their babies, just like us!

They always struck me as a real couple and she as a real "mom," and like anyone else, the news of any divorces where there are kids involved makes me sad.

Their little girls seem sweet and their family happy. This would be Jennifer Garner's second divorce, which does beg the question: perhaps she isn't as perfect as she seems? Or maybe she's harder to be married to than it might seem. She did name her dog Martha Stewart because she presumably relates to the domestic perfectionist and we all know perfectionism can be a recipe for relationship disaster.

As with any other celebrity break-up, it's impossible to know what really goes on behind the happy facade, and reports say the two are living very separate lives and have been for a long time. This probably wouldn't make it easier on their daughters who are 4 and 1. For their sake, I hope these rumors are just that.

Would an Affleck break-up make you sad, too?


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Sweet... SweetPieMama24

nooooo they cannot break up! like you said, they are the most real couple out there!

Patri... PatricksMama07

Maybe J. Lo will divorce Mark Anthony and she and Jen can get back together.  I am just kidding really.  I do not know how I sense these things especially not knowing any hollywood types but it just seems as though there isn't that red fire burning between the two and honestly I have noticed it before Jenn was pregnant with her second child, Seraphina.  During the pregnancy and after the connection and the "real" smiles seemed to fade.

I honestly think that the two make a cute couple but something about Jenn seems to be so mousy and I think Ben wants a little more spice and fire in his life.  It just looks as though they are now in it just for their beautiful kids.  Just my opinion.

nonmember avatar Kara

I am a huge fan of Jen and although Ben was not my ideal husband for her, I do not wish them to breakup. Although it is upsetting that Ben has not been around much. He should spend more time with his own family. But I evidently they are not his priority despite all the good things he said on Ellen's show. But if he is staying away, all I can say is that Jen has survived without him & continue to do so. It's his loss.

nonmember avatar Eliana

It would not make me sad at all. She left Scott for Michael Vartan and did not feel sorry for Scott. Thereafter she left Michael Vartan for Ben Affleck and did not feel sorry for Mike. Why do we have to feel sorry for her. It is time she gets her payback.

nonmember avatar meg

I just saw this and was a bit surprised. I am glad that as of now that it has not come true, at least not. I don't know why she is the one who might be hard to be married too? Just because she was married before, Ben isn't perfect either. I mean, the whole Jennifer Lopez romance? They both have their past relationships and we could look back on both of them and make the same comment. Just because she was married before, I don't think that means she is hard to be married to. Maybe her ex didn't want kids? I don't think you can blame one person when a relationship ends unless you were in the relationship itself.

Warri... WarriorsWife523

Unless it's a particularly bad marriage, divorce generally makes me sad no matter who it is. It's got to be hard to live completely in the public eye.

nonmember avatar BIg Hands Whack

THey need a 3 some to bring some spice into the marriage, maybe a threesome with a fat puerto rican!

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