'A-List' Recap: A Surprise Engagement

the a-list logo tvLook, I'm sorry to ruin this week's The A-List for you if you haven't seen it, but perhaps this will teach you to prioritize and watch it when it airs: Austin is engaged. Yes, to Jake. Who lives in England. And if you're thinking that this is starting to sound a little like "My Girlfriend Who Lives in Canada" a la Avenue Q, rest assured, Jake is real. And a snoozefest.

Other fun tidbits we learned on this week's episode:

  • GlamourGaySculpture Reichen apologized to Ryan for turning his birthday party into Tragicistan, which is now my favorite word. He is, of course, referring to his confronting Austin about Austin telling everyone about Reichen's genitalia.
  • Derek, in a moment of sheer madness, asks the camera why would anyone be talking about someone else's genitalia. Apparently Derek is newly gay. Or on his planet. Memo to Derek: We always talk about people's genitalia.
  • Rodiney continues to confuse everyone with his Arnold Schwarzenegger accent. And his sensitivity. Seriously, Rodiney, one or the other.
  • Mike the hot photographer seems to have some roadkill on his head. But it's ok, because he has a thick skin.
  • Jake shows us that he's not just another pretty boy by saying that he feels as though he'd just taken a flight for five hours and come to a totally different place. To be honest, since he just flew from England to NYC, he should be a lot prettier if he expects to get away with shit like this.
  • Thanks to Jake and his accent being on the show, we now have subtitles for two characters. Really, Logo, if we wanted to see a foreign film, we'd go to the Quad.
  • In an apparent attempt to make up for hiding his British boyfriend/fiance, Austin says "brilliant" with Tourette-like frequency.
  • Austin also explains that despite being in love, he can't legally work as a model in the United Kingdom. Probably because people there have eyes Darn vision heath plans!
  • Reichen and Rodiney invite Austin and uber-queen assistant T.J. to their new apartment to show off the interior decorating.
  • Unfortunately the apartment looks like it was decorated by Helen Keller, if she lacked the sense of touch.
  • Ryan explains that just because you're gay doesn't mean that you have taste.  
  • Too bad that Ryan is already married because we are now in love with him.
  • Derek goes to a millionaire matchmaker to meet the man of his dreams. She sets him up with someone that he'd already dated.
  • Derek will later question what kind of world is it that we live in where that monster Austin can have a fiance and Derek has to resort to going to a matchmaker who in turn sets him up with a used date.  
  • Rodiney and Reichen have what for most couples would be a heart-to-heart, but since Reichen is a sculpture, his heart is carved out of marble, so we just listen to Rodiney talk about how hurt he feels because Reichen never hugs him or talks to him anymore.  
  • We love Rodiney but are starting to suspect that we shouldn't be get too attached to him.


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