Justin Bieber: Victim of Gay Bullying?


I knew when I took on the gig of entertainment columnist, I'd have to write some hard-hitting articles. Posts that covered the down and dirty in celebrity news. Now I know what it must be like to be a journalist covering a war, because my god, people . . . this is the toughest thing I've ever had to research.

Deep breath. Okay, here goes:


Oh yes. Into the heart of darkness we go, in order to uncover the truth about Justin Bieber, Mop-Haired Badass.

Here's the story: apparently Justin was playing laser tag in Richmond, British Columbia on Friday, when a 12-year-old boy went out of his way to repeatedly target Bieber. This seems not only forgivable but completely understandable, as far as I'm concerned, but unfortunately things escalated and got extremely ugly when the hounded pop star said he'd had enough, and the kid called Bieber a "faggot".

Initial reports claimed that Bieber smacked the kid, but TMZ is now reporting that he only pushed the kid's hand aside in order to leave. Whatever happened, the 12-year-old's parents called the police, and the boy's father reportedly arrived on the scene announcing that he was a lawyer.


So anyway, obviously the whole incident was stupid as hell, but it gets better: now Justin Bieber is being called a victim of gay bullying.

Oh, man. Personally, I feel like the more the term 'gay bullying' gets thrown around for ridiculous crap like a twelve-year-old with an ambulance-chasing father mouthing off to Justin Goddamned Bieber, the less gravity it holds for real cases of homophobic bullying . . . but maybe there's some good that can come of it. Rumors are swirling that Bieber has now decided to join a national anti-bullying ad campaign.

What do you guys think? Was this a case of gay bullying?

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nonmember avatar brian

I am amazed at the level of illiteracy that permeates almost every post on this story. When spelling and grammatical errors are this prevalent, it should be criminal. Go back to school (or probably in most cases, try going for the first time). The future of this country is bleak.

nonmember avatar ScienceAbuse

Thought you'd be interested to know that you are cited as evidence that Bieber's music causes homosexuality! The site is called "Love God's Way" and the page *appears* to be called "One of the most dangerous ways Homosexuality invades family life is through popular music. Parents, please keep careful watch over your children’s listening habits. Especially in this age of Internet mp3 piracy." But the 'tab' label shows as "God hates fags! Love God's way!" So I'm guessing that they *wanted* to put the title that way, but, I'm also guessing that they decided that would be, *ahem*, 'politically insensitive'.

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