Justin Bieber: Victim of Gay Bullying?


I knew when I took on the gig of entertainment columnist, I'd have to write some hard-hitting articles. Posts that covered the down and dirty in celebrity news. Now I know what it must be like to be a journalist covering a war, because my god, people . . . this is the toughest thing I've ever had to research.

Deep breath. Okay, here goes:


Oh yes. Into the heart of darkness we go, in order to uncover the truth about Justin Bieber, Mop-Haired Badass.

Here's the story: apparently Justin was playing laser tag in Richmond, British Columbia on Friday, when a 12-year-old boy went out of his way to repeatedly target Bieber. This seems not only forgivable but completely understandable, as far as I'm concerned, but unfortunately things escalated and got extremely ugly when the hounded pop star said he'd had enough, and the kid called Bieber a "faggot".

Initial reports claimed that Bieber smacked the kid, but TMZ is now reporting that he only pushed the kid's hand aside in order to leave. Whatever happened, the 12-year-old's parents called the police, and the boy's father reportedly arrived on the scene announcing that he was a lawyer.


So anyway, obviously the whole incident was stupid as hell, but it gets better: now Justin Bieber is being called a victim of gay bullying.

Oh, man. Personally, I feel like the more the term 'gay bullying' gets thrown around for ridiculous crap like a twelve-year-old with an ambulance-chasing father mouthing off to Justin Goddamned Bieber, the less gravity it holds for real cases of homophobic bullying . . . but maybe there's some good that can come of it. Rumors are swirling that Bieber has now decided to join a national anti-bullying ad campaign.

What do you guys think? Was this a case of gay bullying?

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CherB... CherBearCM

I find this really interesting.  I live where this occured and none of the Canadian news things I've seen yet said anything about the kid calling Bieber that.  I did just read about him wanting to join an anti-bullying campaign.  And no I don't think it was a case of gay bullying or any other kind.  I believe that in the course of playing laser tag people were targeting Bieber and he accidentally hit a kid, which apparently happens sometimes while playing laser tag.  And yea ambulance-chaser is right. 

Danie... DanielleB10

This isn't a case of "gay bullying." Like the writer says, to call it that, greatly reduces the actual severity of the legitimate epidemic and the ramifications of gay bullying. It also does a great disservice to real victims. This is instead, a case of ignorance and quite frankly, poor word choices reflective of that ignorance. Although it's not nearly as horrible as real gay bullying, it IS something that I think needs to be addressed and corrected, particularly with kids. How often is a situation or a person labelled "That's so gay!" when really, the person means "That's so dumb!" or "That's ridiculous!" Gay is not a synonym for anything but heterosexual, plain and simple. Maybe when people realize this, they will also take gay bullying seriously as well. As for Justin Bieber, if he wants to stand up for gay rights, go fo it, anything else shouldn't be "news" when there are far worse things going on in the world, gay, straight, or anything in between.

nonmember avatar Anon

This isn't the first time Justin Bieber has been involved with that particular gay slur. Although the previous time it was him uttering it -- albeit in a friendly context on MTV's Silent Library:

Start watching around 0:40:


nonmember avatar anon

The 12 year old used the word faggot as an insult, yes it's homophobia. Now can we talk about something new? Like what does this Beiber kid's forehead look like? Is it just a mess of wires and fuses?

Sasha Willis

War journalist? this is the worst thing I've read in a long time. And not just because no one gives a fuck.

nonmember avatar Blazemonkey

This most certainly is gay bullying. People should realize that Justin Bieber and other homosexuals are just as equal as straight folk.

nonmember avatar melissa

People this is not true its just to make this people wrigth this to have a lot of monny$$$$$$$$.So who ever did this to Justinbieber is a luser is just to make Justinbieber luose his fans. They just wont monny for the feack storys.So justinbieber is a good person people people you now what to do so quit boliveing this storyes get a better life bey lusers. I love you Justinbieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Shana Emmanuel

the person who did this to justin will pay u can do what u want but u will never make justin loose his fans because we love and cherish him always.

nonmember avatar ertyu

why would a 12 year old bully a 16 year old pop star? he has the money and the fame! the 12 year old aint' got nothing fame related from what i've herd.

tiona... tionapaige990

wow you guyss should just lay off of justin he has everything you guys probably want you guys are so fuckin jealous that you guys would do anything to get him to quit singing wont you.?well guess what hes all right he gets more girls then you he has more money than you and he has a good voice so he sounds like a girl? he still probably sing better then you right?
Fuck Off you fuckin assholes!!

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