Taylor Watch: The Taylor Teens' Headlines

Taylor Momsen Revolver CoverOh Taylor, Taylor, Taylor.

Not talking about one Taylor here, but all three celebs named Taylor (Momsen, Swift, and Lautner). The Taylor teens have all been making headlines lately, so we figured we should round up the Taylor stories for full-on Taylor Watch.


Taylor Momsen: The raccoon-eyed 17-year-old is causing parents to go into a Miley Cyrus-like hizzy over a recent Revolver cover. The same group that gave Miley crap for her music videos is saying that Taylor is promoting sex, violence, eating disorders, and depression because she's "wearing lingerie, gun belt, and nothing else." Wow, that's a lot of bad things coming from one image. Hope they haven't actually read what was inside the issue, where she gabs about who her favorite porn stars are ("If it's a good sex tape, I'll watch it ... I like some adult stars. I have a couple favorites.") and masturbation.

taylor lautner

Taylor Lautner: Speaking of sexy time, Taylor L. is apparently good with the ladies. His werewolf co-star Chaske Spencer admits that Lautner is the one who is much better with the ladies. But we could have already guessed that. He's also been challenged by Taylor Kinney (another Taylor!), who plays a werewolf (omg, this is just getting weird) on the hit show Vampire Diaries. "You have your Taylor Lautners and that guy on True Blood's like 9 feet tall and ripped, so... but it wasn't intimidating," Taylor K. recently said in an interview

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift: And speaking of Lautner (don't you love how easily these all flow together?), people are speculating that Swift's new song, "Back to December," is her apologizing to her former squeeze. This wouldn't be the first that Swift has sung about former flings. Exes Nick Jonas ("Forever & Always"), Stephen Barker Liles ("Hey Stephen"), and a former classmate named Drew ("Teardrops on My Guitar") have all had appearances in her songs.

Who's your favorite Taylor?

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