How Much Would You Pay a Celebrity to Go Away?


weezerSeattle native James Burns wants the band Weezer to go away. Like right now. And he's willing to try and raise $10 million to convince them to do it.

No ... Burns doesn't really hate Rivers Cuomo et al. He's just sick and tired of waiting for them to put out an album that he deems as good as their early ones. Hear him out:

"This isn't about me. This is about Weezer fans, This is an abusive relationship, and it needs to stop now. I am tired of my friends being disappointed year after year."

For their part, the band is playing right along, even graciously offering to undergo a "deluxe" breakup if Burns can up the offer to $20 million.

I like this Burns kid. And I know what he means. Some famous people just need to go away. Many musicians, actors, and even some people on television commercials have overstayed their welcome. And if money is what it takes? Well, let the fundraising begin:

Courtney Love You're crazy ... we get it. Now here's a cool mill to leave. Forever.

Tom Cruise My contempt for this creepy guy started way before the couch jumping. Tom, here's some cash to gather up Kate and the kid and get packing. (And please don't forget Suri's high heels.)

Jada Pinkett Smith Way too happy. Deliriously so. Something's wrong here. Now bye-bye!

Miley Cyrus Do I have to explain myself on this one? Really?

The Progressive Insurance Lady Please. Shut. Up.

Gwyneth Paltrow Anyone who is morally against the consumption of any animal that she doesn't personally deem delicious needs to go.

Gosselins Jon, Kate ... the whole lot. In fact, let's just say any family of multiples on TV.

Kanye West See Miley Cyrus.

Victoria Beckham Smile, please. Oh, you can't? Please leave.

Dr. Phil See Kanye West.

Kirstie Alley You're fat. You're thin. Oops ... you're fat again. And you know what? I don't really care. Bye.

Charlie Sheen Ew.

David Hasselhoff Double ew. And he can't even dance.

What about you? Who would you send to celebrity Siberia?

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I don't watch TV so I don't really see much of celebs.  I hear about the lame things a lot of them do,  but I also hear a lot of good things they do as well,  but I don't really think of them as any different than any other person in the world,  because at the end of the day,  they aren't any different.

Sweet... SweetPieMama24

Agree with Miley Cyrus, Kanye and Charlie Sheen. But what about Lindsay Lohan, The Kardashians (although I do like their show, I just think they're on the hollywood blog sites WAY too much), The Jersey Shore cast, OPRAH (sorry if I get beef for this one, I just can't stand her personally...), Rachel Ray. And hey - what's wrong with the Progressive girl? I think she's hilarious!

kelli... kelli0585

I too, was a pretty big Weezer fan back in their hay-day. 

And I agree with James Burns, but only in DEFENSE of Weezer.

They had their time as a band.  They hit the plateau and are now going downhill.  They need to take a page from Seinfeld's book:  Leave the audience with them wanting more. 

It seems that they just can't let go.  And it's negatively affecting them.  What they need to do is make other side projects (like Paul McCartney or Mark Mothersbaugh from Devo did) and let their classics remain on the store shelves.  Perhaps even do a a reunion show later on. 

But yes, they seem to be losing their fanbase due to the oversaturation.  However, as a musician myself, if someone told ME to stop doing what I love to do, I would be very upset.  If that's the case, and they don't really seem to care about the money, then I say live and let live.

poshkat poshkat

you forgot catherine higel or how ever you spell her name. she is definantly up on the list of annoying people who need to go away.

Beths... Bethsunshine

I agree with all of these, as well as 98% of Hollyweird and the music industry.

nonmember avatar Warren

I Love everything about Miley. I don't know why you are bashing someone with so much talent that is liked by millions worldwide. Miley is my beautiful dream girl and I love to hear her sing. She will be around for many years I guarantee. She has just begun a big movie career too.

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