The Best 'I Like It' Facebook Status Updates

breast cancer awarenessHave your Facebook friends been posting uncharacteristically suggestive messages in the past couple of days?

Things like: "I like it on the kitchen counter"? 

While it would be fun if everyone was suddenly getting all sexy, the teasing messages are really about promoting Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Remember last October when women started posting the colors of their bras? This is this year's attempt at creating the same kind of buzz, but it's all about purses

A viral e-mail is being circulated that tells women to post the location where they put their purse the minute they get home. They're asked to post that location within the sentence "I like it _____."

Some of the best I've seen/heard that are likely exciting men everywhere:


I like it on the washing machine.

I like it anywhere I can get it.

I like it in a box.

I like it on the dining room table.

I like it in my daughter's room.

I like it on top of the refrigerator.

I like it in the basement.

I like it in the car, but it usually gets cold in there.

I like it on a bar stool.

I like it hanging on the wall.

You get the idea ...

It has nothing to do with breast cancer, but it's a creative use of Facebook that definitely gets people talking.

Some charge that it cheapens real cancer fights and that no one is going to write out a check for research because of it.  

But the goal of the campaign is to make the news and raise awareness, and in that it has succeeded quite well already.

Anything to spread awareness about the deadly disease is great, and it just may inspire a few along the way.

What are the best "I like it" status updates you've seen or heard people post? Do you find these kind of campaigns clever or annoying?

Image via Erik Charlton/Flickr

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