Why Does Katherine Heigl Bug Me?


12,900,000. That's how many Google results you get if you type "Why is Katherine Heigl so annoying?" into the search box.

Well, good to know it's not just me.

I don't know if she bugs me because of the way she bitched and moaned about Grey's Anatomy—saying the writing was sub-par, withdrawing her name from the Emmy nominees because she wasn't "given the material to warrant a nomination," complaining about the long work days required on set—despite the show being the one and only reason anyone knew who Katherine Freaking Heigl was. Or maybe it was the way she described Knocked Up, the movie that helped her transition from television to the big screen, as "sexist." (Dear Katherine: did you read the script first, or ...?)

Maybe it's the annoying cover art for Life as We Know It, which depicts Heigl chasing a baby while her costar Josh Duhamel strolls by swilling a beer. So you don't approve of films that portray females as clichéd and uptight, thrust into an opposites-attract relationship with someone who doesn't respect women? Hey, how about not taking those roles, then? Oh wait, that would mean giving up the fat-ass paycheck that comes with these corny rom-coms.

Maybe it's the media's obsession with her hair. OMG SHE'S BLONDE AGAIN STOP THE PRESSES.

Honestly, I'm not really sure why I find her so irritating, especially when other outspoken actors don't bother me one bit. Do I secretly think she should adhere to some dumb ingenue image and just shut up and look pretty? I don't think so, but maybe if she actually started playing different roles, I'd take her a bit more seriously.

What about you? Are you a fan of The Heigl?

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poshkat poshkat

i cannot stand her, most of the reasons you have already written, but mostly its her face. i dont know why i just want to slap her. another reason i dislike her has to do with how she acted when her co-star on gray's ellen pompeo got pregnant, i feel like she rushed to adopt her baby and have her baby first to out do ellen who announced she was pregnant and had her baby while katherine suddenly annouced she has adopted a baby. talk about a competition! why must she always be first, and beat everyone? the only time i enjoyed hearing her speak is when she spoke up for her gay co-star against the slurs that another gray's co-star said. other than that i cannot stand her.

nonmember avatar jen

Okay, nearly every time I see any of her movie ads, I'm all Oh wow, there's Katherine Heigl doing the Same Thing she always does. My husband laughs at how annoyed I get. I think you nailed. It's that she claims to be something other than what she is: predictable.

CherB... CherBearCM

Wow, Ididn't know that about her.  Yea she needs keep quiet if she's going to keep accepting roles that go against what she believes in.  Hmmm I never minded watching her in movies before, but maybe I will now.

Kelle... KelleyP77

She bothers me sooo much, and I have not a clue why. I do think that some of your reasons highlight possible reasons for my distaste of her. Mostly, when I see her I just scowl. Rarely do I find actors so unlikeable, but I really do not like her. LOL

pinki... pinkiebling

Yes, she bugs me too. Sexist? Um, how about "The Ugly Truth"? (Hard to blame her for that one, though, she since got to kiss Gerard Butler.) But I definitely don't want to hear a bunch of condescending remarks about the writers she works for when she keeps taking the same role over and over. She just seems so smug! Ew.

MaggieCC MaggieCC

Guess I am in the minority here but I really like her.  I was just watching the trailer for her new movie last night and thinking how adorable she is and I have liked pretty much everything she has been in.  Just my opinion though!

Kimberly Virga

She annoys me too and I haven't figured out why! LOL! I think it is her attitude, and the way she just comes off... I didn't like her attitude from the Greys days, and now it's carried over. Something about her just irks me. Like she is secretly saying, I'm sooo much  better than you, but I'll smile and pretend we're friends! Ugh!

cafemama cafemama

All of her characters are so whiny. And all so the same. I can't separate Heigl the woman from the annoying characters she plays.

Addys... Addys_Mom

she usually bugs me but I LOVED the ugly truth and i think life as we know it looks good too. but i didn't know about her whining. that is stupid. if you dont like what the part portrays, dont take it. problem solved.

tiinalee tiinalee

Also in the minority here..I like her, BUT I have taken pause with some of her comments (especially about the roles that she'd already completed).  On all of the things you noted, she took some heat in the entertainment press and had to come back around and 'clarify'...the clarifications definitely helped, but I can kind of see why she'd rub people the wrong way....plus, she is really getting type-cast. 

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