If Only Facebook Existed Years Ago ...

facebookIf Facebook would have been around at the beginning of time, just imagine what would have been on the status updates of people like Isaac Newton, Julius Ceasar, or Galileo. Yes, I realize how ridiculous of a thought this is. But it's funny, nonetheless.

Well some creative genius out there took it upon themselves to create a Facebook Activity log for some of the most popular characters in history. One of my friends sent it to me in an email, and I just had to share. 

It's awesome.


God Facebook

If Facebook had been invented at the beginning of time, well, it wouldn't have made much difference at that point because God would have had no one to send a friend request to.

facebookBut the dinosaurs would have at least gotten a fair warning that they're lives were about to be demolished.

facebookAnd The Church would have had a much simpler way to rally for their beliefs ... Be sure to 'like' the Earth is Flat! Facebook Group, please!

Julius Cesar FacebookI bet if Julius Ceasar was able to send out Facebook invitations to his party he would have had a lot more people in attendance, making it much more difficult for Brutus to kill him.

facebookI'm actually starting to think that The Church would've benefited the most ...

Ben Franklin FacebookEngland could personally see how happy we were after the revolution. You know you always stay friends with a friend-turned-enemy or an ex for a few weeks after the break-up just to show them how well you're doing without them. Don't lie.

abe lincoln facebookOh snap! JWB did not just like his status!

Which person in history do you think would have had the most interesting Facebook statuses?


Images via benstein/Flickr, Brittny Drye

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