Why Won't Mariah Address Pregnancy Rumors?

I've considered this from several different angles, but the fact is there's no way for me to say what I'm about to say without sounding like the world's nosiest gossip-monger. So without further ado, here's my rude, prying question of the week:

Why the hell won't Mariah Carey say if she's pregnant or not?

Listen, it's not that I'm personally dying to know one way or the other. It's just that I can't figure why she doesn't just put the rumors to rest, because until she does, the tabloids are going to continue to have a field day following her every move.

Or is that what she wants?


Mariah's been dogged by pregnancy rumors for years, but things heated up when she performed in Brazil on August 22 and was captured on camera looking like she'd either been hitting the all-night buffet with both forks, or she was officially a Glowing Vessel of Life. She refused to acknowledge what most people suspected, though, issuing a statement through her publicist Cindi Berger:

"I appreciate everyone's well wishes, but I am very superstitious. When the time is right, everyone will know -- even Cindi Berger."

More rumors flew when she stumbled over her high heels during a Singapore concert last weekend, and she continued to attract media attention when she was rolled through LAX in a wheelchair on Tuesday.

Her husband Nick Cannon told listeners on his radio show (he has a radio show?),

"I've said it before and I'll say it time and time again – when my wife feels like talking about whatever she wants to talk about, you will hear it directly from her."

If they're truly looking for privacy, I get it. No one should feel pressured to announce personal news before they're ready. But if that were the case, wouldn't she choose to quietly fade from public eye for a while? I can't help thinking this coy act is being put on to build more attention, perhaps resulting in one of those nice fat publicity-score articles on the front of People magazine soon.

Title: "Mariah Carey: Yes, I'm Pregnant, and I Couldn't Be Happier!" Photo: the beaming couple, Nick's hand protectively cupped under Mariah's belly. You heard it here first, friends.

Why do you think Mariah's being secretive about her maybe-baby?

Image via MariahCarey.com

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