Mel Gibson Divorce Takes a Weird Turn

mel gibson divorceAs Oksana heads to Oprah's couch, Mel Gibson's got another lady to worry about: his ex-wife Robyn.

Gibson's lawyers are sorting out a settlement agreement today, and while Robyn has defended Mel in the past, it looks like his bad behavior is going to have a negative impact on the divorce property settlement.

Does this mean Robyn is finally admitting her ex-husband isn't as harmless as she once said?


Whether it's Robyn or her lawyer, there is a weird issue that has popped up called "good will," of which Mel Gibson no longer possesses. A person's future income rests on how much good will they have -- which equals job security. As Mel blew that good will out of the water with his racist, sexist, and violent rants, his lawyer claims he cannot afford the spousal support that he could have prior to his bad behavior.

Wisely, Robyn's lawyer says Robyn should not have to pay for Mel Gibson's bad behavior and loss of good will.

TMZ reports a settlement should come later today, with all parties agreeing.

Fascinating, the currency of Hollywood.

Do you think Robyn should receive less support since Mel will probably never work again?

Image via Kevin Winter/Getty


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