If You Thought Katy Perry on 'Sesame Street' Was Bad, Check This Out


Katy Perry's cleavage so close to Elmo was too much for some parents to handle so PBS pulled the plug on her kid-friendly version of "Hot N Cold" for Sesame Street.

Wonder what those parents would think of Sesame Shore:


It's from Jimmy Kimmel, and not real, of course, but it's hilarious!

From learning to count on The Situation's abs to Vinny singing "Rubber, rubber, you're the one. I wear you when I'm having fun", this is funny stuff.

Katy PerryAnd seriously, it's funny to look at this in the midst of the whole brouhaha over Katy Perry's boobs, because if your biggest worry now is your children seeing some cleavage, you're going to be in for a pretty big reality check as they get older and are exposed to things like Jersey Shore.

While we can try to shield our children all we want from things we deem inappropriate, the fact is they're going to encounter them. So why not prepare them along the way?

If -- and that's a big if --  your toddler noticed Katy Perry's cleavage, why not take it as an opportunity to talk about your views on modest dressing and why that's important to you. There's no way you're going to be able to ban all the cleavage in the world, so why not start with Katy Perry as your example?

Or just save your breath ... for all the many other, much more serious, negative influences our children are going to be bombarded with whether they ever turn on a television or not.

Do you think Katy Perry's video should have been banned from Sesame Street?

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nonmember avatar Elizabeth B

Not only does your article show that you do not understand how to properly raise young children, but it also shows that you do not know how to proofread. Good job.

Erin Andrews

Your views are backwards.  A child has pure eyes and it is our responsibility to keep them this way by sheilding them from Katy Perry's cleavage.  Obviously we can not change the indecency of the rest of the world but it is still important to protect our children from inappropriateness.  Would you allow your child to watch you have sex and then try to explain to a 2-3 year old what you are doing and that they will be able to do it when they are older.  No of course not, or at least I hope not.  They will learn what cleavage is at the appropriate age, when they are old enough to understand that it is inappropriate until your are older. Not on Sesame Street. 

truth... truthrowan

I don't see what the big deal is, they are likely to see more from the teenage girls wandering the grocery store on their cell phones tagging along behind their moms, plus, they are going to be distracted by Elmo! Hello, boobs don't even come onto the radar for toddlers except as a source of food or something to lay their head against when cuddling Mommy, and with Elmo on the screen, they aren't going to make a blip.

Olymp... Olympias28

I understand that we cannot control what children see from the rest of the world and that they will see increasingly worse things as they get older. However, Sesame Street should be at least one place where we know children will not see that sort of thing. Regardless of the fact that children at that age do not have an interest in things of a sexual nature, it is still not morally right to expose them to inappropriately dressed adults. Have you not noticed that the age at which children become interested in sex is getting younger and younger? Or how girls are wanting to dress in a more mature fashion at an earlier age as well? These changes are because our society is not being responsible enough to censor children from that type of exposure. Sesame Street is supposed to be a learning program, and we should not want children to learn to dress like that.

callm... callmeann

Whether or not "Katy Perry's video should be banned" from Sesame Street is a dumb way to phrase the question.  It's not as if children get to request videos to be played on the show and the issue is how to decide whether to include hers as an option.  She was evidently invited by the writers to participate in the show.  They should have reminded her that her submission needed to be age appropriate in its content and the fact that they did not do this shows that they do not have the same ideas about early childhood sexualization that many of their parent-audience has.  That being said, I also question the wisdom of inviting singers of pop fare that is aimed at older kids to be on the show at all.  I don't like the idea of turning little kids into 'fans'.  Disney does that and I hate it.  Their Disney magazine on grocery store racks had the title, "How Much Do You Know About Michael Jackson?" when my grown kids were small.  They wanted to buy the magazine just because it was Disney and I said No.


callm... callmeann

(Cont. from above) The fact that Katy Perry was on Sesame Street at all raises the question of whether she does indeed aim her music at older audiences.  I wouldn't be real thrilled at having them dance around to "I Kissed a Boy and I LIked It"; much less the lyrics that the song really contains.  No matter how you feel about same sex couples, that isn't age appropriate and it's beyond answering questions about where babies come from.  She and Sesame Street are engaging in 'fan manufacturing' and I don't like that.

callm... callmeann

Oops, I just realized that by focusing on the "I Kissed A Girl" video, it makes it sound like I thought that was what was aired on SS.  I didn't see the show.  I was only citing her most famous video and speaking in terms of promoting a pop star in general to kids who are too young to naturally be in her demographic target audience.

zoeys... zoeysmom331

I saw the clip and had no problem with her outfit at all. That's how she, and millions of other women, dress and our children are going to be exposed to it no anyway.

Tiffany Hussein Hendley

I have no problem with Katy Perry and I have no problem with how she dresses usually. That's her thing. However, there are just some things that are not appropriate for children's television. I mean just cause my child might see adults or teenagers smoking, does that mean they should allow such activity on Sesame Street? Certainly not. Someone mentioned seeing teen girls dressing worse than this in grocery stores and whatnot...precisely and things like allowing women on children's programming to dress like this only adds fuel to the fire and entices them more at a much earlier age. I would assume they wouldn't allow a man to come on the show with his shirt off, so what's the difference? A lil cleavage even would have been fine but that entire dress is just a bit much...or a bit lil I suppose I should say.

Tempe... TempestRayne

I've said it before and I'll say it again...Tinkerbell wears less.

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