Octomom Offered $500K, Will She Take It?

Octomom Nadya Suleman is reportedly broke, giving up her reality show dreams, and going on welfare. According to TMZ, she's repeatedly fallen behind on her mortgage payments and is facing foreclosure. When she talked with Oprah back in April, she said she was spending $1,000 a week on groceries, and had to pay three nannies to help her during the day.

Yeah, 14 kids will do that to you. Hell, I've only got two and the Goldfish cracker expenses alone can really add up.

So of course what better white knight to offer a hand of assistance to poor struggling Octomom than porn company Vivid Entertainment. In what can only be described as the classiest move this side of Spencer Pratt's sex tape threat, Vivid has sent a letter to Nadya offering $500,000 if she'll agree to shoot one porn scene for one hour.


Not-so-coincidentally, the amount Nadya reportedly owes on her L.A. home in order to avoid eviction is a balloon payment of $450,000, due October 9.

Vivid first offered Octomom a porn deal in 2009 for a cool million, but she turned them down. In fact, she told Oprah she'd never accept a porn deal, saying:

"It is utterly disrespectful to a mother, to anyone who is just trying to survive. If they offered $100 million, I would never, ever do something like that."

I agree that it's disrespectful. It's pretty gross for an adult video company to make an offer like that, thus further tarnishing Nadya's public image—which obviously wasn't so great in the first place. And their attempt to capitalize on someone's dire circumstances is just kind of disgusting.

Still, Octomom's apparently in a world of financial hurt right now, and she's taken other gigs that she admitted to being ashamed and embarrassed of. Namely, the bikini photos in Star magazine, which paid $100,000 at the time. Granted, posing in a bikini isn't exactly shooting a porn scene, but desperate times may call for desperate measures.

What's your call—will Nadya say no to the Vivid deal, or will we be seeing an Octomom sex tape soon?

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