'Big Brother 12' Winner Predictions

Big Brother 12 houseguests Lane Hayden Enzo
Big Brother 12 final three
The Big Brother 12 finale airs tonight, and everyone's wondering who will walk away with $500,000 this year.

The remaining Brigade members, Lane, Hayden, and Enzo, have generally laid low this season, but each played their own game.

Hayden won the most competitions, but didn't have much of a social game. Enzo didn't make any real side alliances and barely won one competition, but made friends with everyone in the house. Lane was nice to everyone and had a strong side alliance, but didn't win too many competitions.

Let's break down the potential scenarios as Lane and Hayden face off for the final HOH of the summer.


Hayden is better at competitions than Lane, that's for sure, but Lane has played a pretty smart game. He's also implied in Diary Room sessions that he's been playing dumb, so maybe he's a better contender than we give him credit for. Here's how it might play out:

Hayden wins HOH, takes Enzo to final two, Hayden wins Big Brother

If Hayden wins HOH, he'll likely take Enzo to the final two. Enzo is a safer bet for Hayden because so many jury house members value a strong competitor over a social game. Rachel and Brendon have made that loud and clear, but even Britney and Matt have also indicated that.

Lane wins HOH, takes Hayden to final two, not sure who wins Big Brother

Lane is closer to Hayden than he is to Enzo, and I have a feeling he'd rather take his buddy to the final two to make it a fair fight. I'm pretty sure that in a match-up between Lane and Enzo, Lane would win, but between Hayden and Lane, it's not as certain. Lane was smarter about keeping a low profile while winning key competitions, but Hayden's aggressive play might win the jury over.

Does Enzo stand a chance?

Probably not, but in this game, you never know. Rachel and Brendon were close to Enzo and Kathy might throw a vote his way no matter who he's up against. Plus there's the question of who needs the money most, which sometimes comes up. With a family, Enzo might get votes based on that.

I'm thinking Hayden has the best chance of winning tonight, but I can't wait to watch to find out what happens.

Who do you think is winning Big Brother 12?


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