Snooki Abducted by Aliens?

Snooki? Is it really you?
What's happened to the Snooki that we all know and love? The pint-sized, smush-loving Jersey Shore star seems to have ... changed. Recently several disturbing remarks have been attributed to the lovable train wreck of a housemate ... and if they're true, I'm worried that aliens may have abducted our girl and taken over her body. Aliens that like to be really, really tan.

The evidence thus far:


Snooki reads. Like books and things.

When the cast appeared on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday, Snooki dropped a bomb. And surprisingly, not an F-bomb:

"I'll go to frickin' Barnes & Nobles, get a coffee, and just sit down and read."
Say what? It's true that for all we know she very well may not be reading anything heavier than The Little Engine That Could, but ... she reads. And from the sound of it, she's done it more than once.

Snooki wants to leave New Jersey. In that same interview, the guidette admitted that she wants to migrate to the Big Apple:
"I want to move to Brooklyn and find a business Italian guy to take care of me."
Say it ain't so, Snooks! If the Garden State is still good enough for Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi, it surely should still be good enough for its most famous housemate.

Snooki thinks your kids shouldn't watch her show. A stunning display of good sense and wisdom from the pouf-sporting party girl:
"I'm not trying to be a role model. I'm just trying to be myself. When I see 7-year-olds screaming my name and saying they're my biggest fan, I'm like ‘you shouldn't be watching my show!’ My show is for 16 and older.”
So who is this tiny being? And if this truly is our fist-pumping Jersey girl, exactly how long will it be before hell freezes over?

What do you think? Is Snooki changing?

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