Kate Gosselin on 'People' Cover for Another Stupid Reason

kate gosselin peoplePeople magazine could be called Kate Gosselin magazine for all the times that woman has been on the cover. (If you're counting, it's nine times in 16 months.) This week she's back up there with yet another riveting headline, which reads "The Truth About My New Body!" 

Can't wait for that.

Kate would be easier to tolerate if she actually did something worth talking about. Some people might even argue that she is interesting -- eight kids, Dancing With the Stars, loser husband, etc. But problem is that her People covers don't reflect as much. Contrary to popular belief, hair extensions are not all that exciting.

Let's take a look back at all the inane reasons Kate Gosselin has made the cover of People magazine.


Kate Gosselin made the cover of People for the first time in May 2009. The headline screams, "We Might Split Up." Might? Since when is might newsworthy? Less teasing, more substance, please.

kate gosselin


Just three weeks later, she's on the cover for carrying a green bucket and taking a vacation without Jon. *Yawn.*

kate gosselin people


To be fair, the July 2009 issue actually had some meat to it: Kate opened up about her divorce and how it was affecting the kids. The Gosselin divorce -- and Jon's disgusting behavior afterward -- was pretty shocking and newsy regardless if you were a fan of the show.

kate gosselin


Here we learn that Kate is alone with eight kids while Jon is off partying .. you know what? That actually sucks. No snark judgement for this cover.

kate gosselin jon


But then in September 2009 we're again nodding off as Kate Gosselin "Strikes Back" -- whatever that means.

kate gosselin people


Unfortunately, September was practically a fireworks display compared to January 2010 in which the sole purpose of the cover story is to show off those infamous hair extensions.

kate gossline


Are we done yet? Please? Oh, no. Breaking news alert: Kate Gosselin is trying to convince us that moms just want to have fun.

kate gosselin


Finally, in June 2010, the whole family makes the cover. So why is Kate making headlines again? Who knows, who cares? Her adorable kids are the real story here.

kate gosselin people


The lesson here: People will report on Kate's activities no matter how ordinary, dull, and mundane.

Seriously, what's the fascination with this woman?


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