Lindsay Lohan Hosting SNL: Will She Spoof Her Bad Behavior Again?

It's not entirely clear whether Lindsay Lohan was making fun of her own bad reputation in Machete, but we know for a fact she was poking fun at herself during the taped segment that aired during the VMAs. In the skit, she asks whether host Chelsea Handler has been drinking, and refers to a SCRAM bracelet on Chelsea's leg (which Chelsea explains is actually her Cheesecake Factory beeper).

"You think anyone wants to work with a drunk?" Lindsay barks, shoving Chelsea against a wall. "Take it from me—they don't!"


Popeater reports that MTV refused to let Lindsay perform the skit live, requiring that she tape it in advance because execs don't yet trust her. A friend of Lindsay's was quoted as saying,

"Lindsay knows she has a ways to go before she gains back the trust of everyone. But she's just grateful to be getting these offers again."

She may be getting her chance soon, if current rumors about her upcoming appearance on Saturday Night Live are true. According to The New York Daily News, the perennially-troubled star is in talks to host the NBC show on December 4.

Judging by the good reception LiLo has been getting for her comedic self-mocking roles lately, I'm guessing that if she does host SNL, we'll see at least one sketch in which we see Lindsay pretending to be 1) trashed, 2) driving erratically (possibly running into strollers), or 3) in jail.

If so, who can blame her? It's a smart move to simultaneously acknowledge and make fun of her screwed-up past, which makes people like her. If she can pull off the gig with humor and style, it'll probably go a long way towards resurrecting her acting career.

Still, I can't help but wonder if there's a certain lack of responsibility that comes with these roles. I mean, there's really nothing funny about a DUI, or addiction. It might take longer to repair her public image, but I think I'd respect her more if she chose to take ownership of her problems and move forward with maturity and grace—rather than cracking goofy jokes about court-required alcohol monitoring systems.

What do you think about Lindsay's self-mocking gigs? Savvy career comeback, or taking things too lightly?

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