Entourage Finale: Predicting the End

Cast of Entourage

When Ari went off on Amanda Daniels at the end of the last episode of Entourage (nearly two weeks ago!) it was ridiculously clear to everyone but himself that he was acting like an idiot. As for the others, Vince had a bag of coke big enough to bake a couple of cakes, E was trying to do the "right thing," Drama was gearing up to play a monkey, and Turtle was pissing off a rich Mexican tequila owner.

So the question on everyone's mind — how will it end for the crew? Will Vince end up in rehab? Will Turtle get his legs broken? Will Drama (and his monkey) be a television hit? Will Ari implode? Will Eric come through (again) for his bestie from Queens or will he be too worried about the coup at his office?

The finale is less than 48 hours away and the promo tells us little more than that Christina Aguilera is going to make a cameo.

Below you'll find predictions on how each guy in the Entourage crew makes out.


Vince is going down. Vince is a train-wreck waiting to happen. That confrontation on Sasha's porn-set is going to go one of two ways. 1) They have a huge blow-out, they break-up (after Vince makes a complete ass of himself), and Vince checks himself into rehab after an intervention by his friends or 2) Vince, who is clearly high as a kite, agrees to star in the porn alongside Sasha. Version two, while unlikely, is much more fun to think about. We would get to see Vince all hot and sweaty on-screen with Sasha and really, if he's going to crash, why not do it in a blaze of glory? Plus, the look on E's face would be priceless as he sees his biggest star (and best friend) lose Air-Walker because he chose to do a porno while stoned out of his mind.

Ari, Ari, Ari. All of the wives out there were able to finally sympathize with Mrs. Ari when she held her hands over her face in the middle of that fancy restaurant as Ari made a complete ass of himself hollering at Amanda. Enough already Ari. Get your act together. The prediction here is that Ari finally loses the one thing he really loves ... his wife. His getting Aguilera to sing at her surprise party just isn't going to cut it. But no worries — if she does break up with him — they will be back in therapy, trying to reconcile, next season.

Eric uses his noggin. The dumbest thing E can do is team up with Scott, that slime-ball of an agent, to go after Sloan's father. I know business is business but E grew up a Queens guy, a neighborhood guy, and you don't just bail on family or friends with a loser like Scott. And honestly, this story line is just awful, so here's hoping it doesn't get too much play in the finale!

Turtle the mogule or Turtle the fool? Clearly Turtle is being played by his little sexpot of a girlfriend. She isn't with him because she wants to be with him, she is working the relationship to see what she can get out of him. Turtle will walk away from Avion because he wants to keep his knees in working order, and really, good riddence. Before the episode is over Turtle will have some new scheme brewing — but it's just not going to be Avion Tequila.

Drama and the Monkey. This is possibly the best story line of the season. Drama as a monkey. It is perfect. Not only does this cartoon television show, Going Banana's, do well — but it does exceptionally well. Still, TV money isn't movie money so he won't be buying each guy in the crew a maserati; however, it is possible Big Bro Drama helps Vince get back on his feet when Vince eventually gets out of some country club rehab to start next season. Oh, and Drama definitely starts dating E's assistant (after his show is a hit)!

How do you see the finale playing out? Do you agree or disagree with the predictions above?


Photo via the Entourage Facebook Fanpage

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