'Big Brother 12' Recap: Meow Meow Needs a 10th Life

Big Brother 12 houseguest Hayden
Big Brother 12's winner?
The Big Brother 12 house is a bit of a snore leading up to the finale.

I suppose this isn't exactly anything new. There's only so much excitement when you have three exhausted and focused people ... or when they're not the brightest in the bunch.

It's okay though, because we had the jury house to keep us entertained!


Ragan shows up in the jury house, and I actually felt bad for him. Rachel's ecstatic and you know Matt must have been crying inside. When Matt tells Ragan about his wife, it's actually less dramatic than I expected and mostly he just wants some time to himself. I think Ragan and Matt will talk about it and be cool again.

Then there's Rachel.  

It's remarkable how easy it is to dislike Rachel, but she just begs for the negative attention. Even though the game is over and there's not any real reason to talk to each other, Rachel thinks it's a good idea to pick a fight with Ragan. He's actually calm and level-headed -- for Ragan, anyway -- and it's not the fireworks we're used to from them, but it's still loads better than the dead zone inside the house.

For the first part of the HOH competition, they have to hang on a rope for as long as they can and Enzo is the first one out. I could make some snarky joke about that, but Enzo is just a big joke himself at this point, so I'll move on. Lane is the next to go, which isn't really a surprise either. Let's face it, Hayden's the real winner left at this point.

So Hayden wins part one and can relax as Lane and Enzo play one of Big Brother's "guess the houseguests morphed into one face" games. Lane wins, officially making Enzo the biggest loser ever.

I mean, come on, there's floating and then there's whatever pathetic game Enzo's playing. He won one competition the whole game, and mostly because he was twice the size of his opponent!

I'll be upset if he makes it to the final two, but I have a feeling Hayden's winning HOH and taking Enzo to the final two. Hopefully Lane can surprise everyone and win the final showdown.

What did you think of tonight's competitions? Do you think it'll be Hayden and Enzo in the final two?


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