'DWTS' Contestants Make How Much?!

DWTSNew life goal: Instead of becoming a famous blogger/writer, I will strive to become a barely known celebrity so that I can milk my 15 minutes of fame and go on Dancing With the Stars. You know why? They get paid a butt load for twirling around in pretty outfits.


So what if I have two left feet? That didn't stop Kate Gosselin.

Apparently, contestants receive $125,000 just for signing up, with an additional $10,000 to $50,000 per episode, depending on how long they remain standing. The ultimate payday for taking home the disco ball trophy is $345,000.

So, there are 10 weeks of performances (including the finale) ... two episodes a week ... ugh. Math was never my forte, there's a reason why I'm a writer. But the bottom line is that's a lot of money!

Huge salary and sparkly dresses? Yes, please! Now who wants to make a bad reality show with me so we can be superstars?

Do you think that's a fair salary for all of their crying, whining, hard work?


Image via ABC.com

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