'DWTS' Contestants Make How Much?!


DWTSNew life goal: Instead of becoming a famous blogger/writer, I will strive to become a barely known celebrity so that I can milk my 15 minutes of fame and go on Dancing With the Stars. You know why? They get paid a butt load for twirling around in pretty outfits.

So what if I have two left feet? That didn't stop Kate Gosselin.

Apparently, contestants receive $125,000 just for signing up, with an additional $10,000 to $50,000 per episode, depending on how long they remain standing. The ultimate payday for taking home the disco ball trophy is $345,000.

So, there are 10 weeks of performances (including the finale) ... two episodes a week ... ugh. Math was never my forte, there's a reason why I'm a writer. But the bottom line is that's a lot of money!

Huge salary and sparkly dresses? Yes, please! Now who wants to make a bad reality show with me so we can be superstars?

Do you think that's a fair salary for all of their crying, whining, hard work?


Image via ABC.com

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Cynthia Hadnot


Penny Schroeder

I think it's a good paycheck for any and all contestants....they spend everyday and almost all day practicing!! Anyone would do the same!!

kriszaz kriszaz

oh and don't forget the spray tan!!!  this show is filmed in Calif. why not just get some rays lol!!!! 

Maura Jo Tolar

it started out that they didnt get paid and that they paid to sign up and the money went to charity....what happen to that..it is a shame that they are now paying them

Michele Hahn Bruce

How much $$$ do the professionals make?

nonmember avatar Diane riddle

Yes it is. Until you dance and see how hard it is. Then you will understand

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