Jennifer Grey's Got the Edge on 'Dancing With the Stars' Season 11

jennifer greyIt's never too early to predict the winner of DWTS Season 11 -- especially now that the cast has been announced. My money's on Jennifer Grey for two reasons.

First, she's truly a star (unlike some of those other hacks I had to Google) having appeared in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Bounce, and one episode of Friends. Second, she can dance! She certainly didn't become famous from Dirty Dancing for nothing. Here, she talks about why she's stepping up to the challenge:

"I figure that if I don't do it now, I'll be too old for it. My body is clearly giving out."

Ah. Spoken like a true champion.

Truth be told, however, using that line of defense -- stardom and dancing ability -- a few other DWTS cast members might be stiff competition for the actress formerly known as Baby. Here's how the other contestants stack up against her:


First, the women:

Bristol Palin

Being the daughter of a politician does not a star make. Minus extra points for lack of dancing experience (at least none that we know of).


Audrina Patridge

Hopefully, her huge star status will make up for the fact that she's more likely to storm out of a club (after Justin Bobby) than dance in it.


Florence Henderson

Notoriety? Check. Dancing ability? That all depends. Does it count if your (TV) kids danced on live TV in order to buy you and your (TV) husband a present?


Margaret Cho

People know who she is, who knows if she can dance ... I'm just worried she'll be too busy making fun of Bristol's mom to learn the routine.



Brandy may be a famous musician and performer but she says she can't dance. If this were a beauty pageant, however, she's confident she'd have it in the bag: "I'm so into it! I know I'm never going to look as sexy as I will on this show." Apparently, she can add "humble" to her resume, too.


And, the men:

Michael Bolton

Admittedly, this dude is famous(ish). And his adult contemporary experience has got to count for something. Right?

The Situation

Mike Sorrentino might give Jennifer a run for her money: He's mega-famous (for the moment) and knows his way around a dance club like no other.


Rick Fox/Kurt Warner

They're famous (if you pay attention to sports). And who cares if "technically" they can't dance? Former athletes always do well on the show.


David Hasselhoff

Sheesh, this guy is everywhere these days. Isn't a lifeguard sort of an athlete and didn't he play one on TV?


Kyle Massey

No clue. My Google isn't working.

Who do you think will win DWTS Season 11?


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