'DWTS' Season 11 Is a Reality Mess

dwts season 11 castThe Dancing With the Stars cast is quite the doozy for this upcoming season. From annoying reality celebrities like The Situation to retired athletes such as Rick Fox (and yes, I totally had to look up who that was), all of the characters stars will be bringing their, er, something special to the table. Here are 10 things we hope to see this next season.

  1. Please, oh please choreograph some fist pumping into The Situation's routine.
  2. Bristol Palin looking for a new baby's daddy and hitting on her dance partner.
  3. David Hasslehoff talking about David Hasslehoff at every opportunity.
  4. Michael Bolton performing to one of his own songs.
  5. Bristol and Audrina Patridge getting into a catfight because Audrina talked behind her back.
  6. Jennifer Grey starting at least one routine in the corner.
  7. The Situation creeping on Audrina backstage.
  8. Random screen shots of Sarah Palin in the audience. Would really love to see her reaction to this mess of a reality show.
  9. Florence Henderson making out with someone half her age -- watch out Maksim!
  10. Bristol's high school cheerleading team in the audience to cheer her on -- complete with cardboard signs. 

What sorts of shenanigans do you think (or hope) will go down this season? Who's your favorite cast member?


Image via ABC.com

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