'DWTS' Cast: Who Will Be Bristol's BFF?

bristol palin levi johnston

As Bristol Palin moves on to Dancing With the Stars, she's got no room in her life for her baby daddy, Levi Johnston. Bristol said in a recent interview that she doesn't pay attention to her ex, and I'm guessing she un-friended him on Facebook also. Burn!

Luckily Bristol has a whole new crowd to pal around with on Dancing With the Stars! I'm sizing up her competition to see if there's a new BFF in there somewhere. Here's how I think Season 11 of DWTS will work out for Ms. Palin, friendship-wise.


Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino

The wealthiest member of the dance team, The Situation will certainly try to woo the young Palin. Unless, of course, he decides she's a grenade after she shares some hot tub time with his abs.

Audrina Patridge

One of the most benign stars of The Hills, Audrina could be a confidant for the teen mom. Although, as we've seen before, Audrina cannot be trusted to keep a secret. Watch your back, Bristol!

David Hasselhoff/Michael Bolton

Yes, I'm putting them together because in terms of cheese, hair, and questionable taste, I'm finding the crooners a little bit indistinguishable. Hopefully Bristol won't be as indecisive as me and will pick the best man to be Tripp's new daddy.

Florence Henderson

Florence has had her share of scandal (making out with your TV son, really???), so she could be the maternal figure for Bristol that she never had. I'm thinking some long talks about personal responsibility are in order.

Margaret Cho

Margaret doesn't have time for Bristol's antics and will most likely use words that are out of the high school dropout's skill set. So, no pinky swearing for these two.

Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey loves a good ugly duckling story, and Bristol comes from a mean girl family. So I'm saying no to this friendship as well.

Rick Fox

I don't know who this is, and Bristol probably doesn't either. Pass!


Who do you think will be Bristol Palin's newest BFF?


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