25 Hottest Celebrity Druggies

Paris HiltonWhen your mugshot looks more like a glamour shot, you know you've been arrested one too many times. Seriously, look at Paris Hilton. She's posing as if she were on the red carpet.

The blonde princess was busted for cocaine Friday night in Vegas. Her response? "I thought it was gum!" Classic. Takes me back to her Simple Life days.

Here are 25 other celebrities managed to maintain their hotness while being under the influence.

  1. Lindsay Lohan: Let's face it, the girl was probably high out of her mind 90% of the time. Did she look trashy? Sure. But what's the saying -- one man's trash is another man's treasure.
  2. Robert Downey, Jr.: Just think of where this hottie actor would be today if he hadn't gotten addicted to drugs at the ripe ol' age of 8 (not even kidding).
  3. Lady Gaga: I love that she flat-out admits to using drugs as if it has the same effects as my morning coffee. But I still heart her.
  4. Colin Farrell: Hollywood's favorite bad boy, the drugs just go hand-in-hand with his image.
  5. Chace Crawford: The cutie from Gossip Girl was charged with marijuana possession back in June. If convicted, he could face up to six months in the slammer.
  6. Boy George: He's been there and done all of that, and recently tried to warn Gaga of her drug-using ways
  7. Matthew McConaughey: Is it bad that the thought of Matthew McConaughey completely high, sitting naked, and playing bongos turns me on?
  8. Haley Joel Osment: Remember the cute kid from The Sixth Sense? Well, he grew up, started rocking the Biebs haircut, and got hooked on drugs. Yeah, I bet he's seeing dead people. Another hit please, I want to party with Michael Jackson.
  9. Flavor Flav: Come on, you know the crack, giant clock necklace, and gold teeth revved your engine.
  10. Fergie: At age 18, she admitted to going on a "sex and drugs spree," becoming addicted to crystal meth. Luckily she discovered hypnotherapy, which helped her overcome her addiction.
  11. Jeremy London: Staging your own kidnapping while on drugs? Come on, that's hot. Right? 
  12. Johnny Depp: He worked with Tim Burton and dated Kate Moss. How could he not do drugs?
  13. Mischa Barton: The O.C. beauty was caught for driving under the influence, having possession of marijuana, and driving without a license. It's a good thing she's hot because she's definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed.
  14. Kristen Stewart: KStew has reportedly been caught on tape getting baked. Does this ruin the good-girl Bella image for you? 
  15. Ja Rule: Who cares if he does drugs when he has a body like that. 
  16. Lil Kim: Tell me, who didn't find her outfit that consisted of pasties hot? 
  17. Kate Moss: Oh the rough life of a supermodel ... no wonder she did drugs. 
  18. Nicole Richie: Before cleaning up and becoming a wife and mom, Nicole was the "It" bad girl, alongside BFF Paris Hilton. I guess it's obvious who grew out of that stage.
  19. Eminem: If it wasn't for his drug abuse, what would he rap about?
  20. Drew Barrymore: This actress was a hardcore drug addict at an early age. I have to say, sobriety looks hotter on her. 
  21. Joaquin Phoenix: People blamed his substance abuse when he admitted to going after a career in hip-hop music. The sad thing is he was being serious (and maybe only a little high).
  22. Whitney Houston: Whitney was so coked out that her own family member sold her out to the tabloids. That's low.
  23. Daniel Radcliffe: About a year ago, photos circulated of Harry Potter getting his party on a little too heavily. Eh, kids will be kids. And this kid has millions, so who cares?
  24. Prince Harry: Another British "wild child," at the age of 17, His Adorable Highness was spotted getting his smoke on.
  25. Matthew Perry: My favorite hottie from Friends, he was seriously addicted to vicodin, methodane, and speed. Yikes. Thank goodness he has since checked into rehab.

Did your favorite addict make the list? Who's your favorite hottie?

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