'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Reunion: Teresa Goes Nuts Over Her Nephew

real housewives of new jersey reunionOrdinarily, Danielle Staub is Bravo's token sociopath; but last night on Part 1 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion, she remained calm and restrained -- almost eerily so. And, instead, it was Teresa Giudice who was aboard the crazy train.

A mere minutes -- minutes! -- into the episode, Teresa dealt Danielle an out-of-left-field low blow: When asked if she liked Jersey Shore (anyone else excited about this question?), Teresa responded that she wasn't fond of it because it was too promiscuous, but she thought Danielle could relate to the show for that very reason. Teresa then lets loose an onslaught of insults directed at Danielle -- which, as you will see, becomes a pattern throughout the episode -- exclaiming:

You're a pig. Look at yourself. You're disgusting. And, you're desperate.



Later, Danielle asks Teresa if she "acknowledged her nephew" -- which is extremely confusing given that they were initially talking about Jacqueline Laurita's new baby, but Jacqueline and Teresa aren't related by blood. So is Danielle referring to another baby? Some fans of the show are speculating that it's a love child; however, no proof has been offered at this time.

One thing is certain: This alleged unacknowledged nephew was enough to send Teresa into a no-holds-barred screaming rant. Remember in the previews for the reunion when Teresa gets all up in Danielle's face and demonically screeches, "Do not bring up my family!" at the top of her lungs? Yup, this is it. And let's just say I literally have never heard so much profanity on a basic cable TV show.

Teresa is so out of control that she throws host Andy Cohen down (he's trying to restrain her) and chases Danielle around the couches throwing pillows along the way. Only Caroline Manzo and a commercial break can calm her down. And when they return, Andy tells Teresa she has to stay on the couch for the rest of the show ...

... which she does, until the end of Part 1 when Andy asks about Danielle's two sex tapes. Danielle's claiming they're from long ago and released without her knowledge; the other women say she made them recently, on purpose. It's all sort of boring and speculative until Teresa, who's been quietly stewing on her couch, yells:

Your kids are 16 and 12. What kind of example are you setting for your kids? ... Bitch, I don't talk about you! I'm doing it right now cause we're on a freaking TV show ... You skanky whore.


Teresa's obviously under a lot of personal stress: She and her husband have filed for bankruptcy; rumors are their dream home is in foreclosure; her husband recently got a DWI; and she's getting slammed in the press for her materialistic, frivolous spending. It's understandable that she'd be on the brink of a breakdown at this point; still, I was more than a little surprised at her borderline insane behavior.

Although, let it be said, it makes for some great TV.

What did you think about the reunion special? Are you tuning in next week? Any speculation on this nephew situation?


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