Should Lady Gaga Open for Madonna?

gagaLatest rumor for music fans: Lady Gaga and Madonna may hit the road together!

The story hasn't been confirmed, but should this happen, think about it. Wouldn't it be one of the biggest concert events of the decade?

Two pop music superstars. Two fashion trendsetters. Two gay icons. Seeing these superstars together would double your fun in so many ways.

But the possibility also raises a significant question. Who exactly would open for whom? La Ciccone is no doubt a legend, but Gaga is ... well Gaga is currently music's It girl.

So how about a Battle of the Divas? Let's see how each performer stacks up in popularity:



  • The Lady has almost 6 million followers. (She's the #1 most followed.)
  • The old school Material Girl doesn't tweet. At all. Zip. Nada. 
  • Gaga clearly takes it here.


  • Mother Monster has over 16 million fans.
  • Madonna is sitting at a hair over 2 million.
  • Another Gaga victory.

Album sales:

  • Madonna has sold over 200 million records.
  • Gaga has hit 15 million in sales.
  • It's Madonna by a landslide.

I guess in the end it really is a choice between longevity vs. current popularity.

Me? I'd go with Madonna. If only because she wouldn't have it any other way. As the legendary artist herself once said:

"Listen, everyone is entitled to my opinion."

'Nuff said. Gaga, you're opening.

What about you?  If this tour ever happens, who do you think should open?

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