'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Gerard Butler Makes Kim Kardashian Barf

Kardashians I'm still gagging on all the cheese served up on this week's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. It was even thicker than Kris Jenner's eye makeup, which is ... way too thick.

I don't think they're even trying to pretend it's a reality show anymore. If they are, then they're even worse actors and actresses than I thought.


This week, it was all about poor Kim Kardashian, the little old lady who lived in a shoe (or gorgeous mansion ) with nothing or nobody to do.

Mama Kris found some time away from her eye makeup and set out to set up her pickier-than-thou daughter on a date.

At first, Kim rebuffed some of her mom's choices.

"How about Gerard Butler?" Kris asked

"How about barf?" Kim responded.

She also shot down suggestions of A-Rod and Luke Wilson -- just not so violently -- before declaring she wanted a nice Armenian boy, like her father. Laser hair removal is required.

That's all the information Kris needed before setting out in search of the perfect man at random car dealers and baklava joints, with a quick stop at a hookah pipe to fuel her mission.

She found Alecka, with whom Kim finally had a nice, but sparkless date.

All the while the rest of the Kardashians as well as Kris stalked Khloe to get Laker tickets. They bribed and cajoled, with food and favors, which just annoyed Khloe.

"You guys are acting like dogs over meat," she chastised them. "This is supposed to be something fun, something family oriented that is supposed to bring us closer together not further apart."

In the end, Khloe let the tickets go to waste (as Lakers fans everywhere fainted) and forced the whole family to watch the game at her house ... on TV.

"I vote for family!" Bruce Jenner declared, channeling Glenn Beck.

They all settled in as a big happy familial unit with popcorn and wine to watch the game until Kim came in with the other lesson to be gleaned from this week: Dating isn't scary.

"It definitely made me see that dating doesn't have to be so awkward," she said before giving her mom a hug and thanking her for making her get out there.

Awww ... gag!

Did you watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians this week? Did you find it as cheesy as I did?

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