'Big Brother 12' Recap: Meow Meow Barely Purrs

Big Brother 12 houseguest Lane
Big Brother 12's Lane, first of the final four
What Enzo's still doing in the Big Brother 12 house, I have no idea, but at least he recognizes how embarassing it is that he hasn't won anything. Lucky for him, the other Brigade members can hold their own.

After a blackjack-like card game, Lane wins HOH. This means he's guaranteed a spot in the final four, but it also means he needs to pick a pawn to go up next to their target, Ragan. Enzo is worried he'll be the pawn, so he talks to Hayden about Lane being too close to Britney. They decide they need to bring him back into The Brigade and put Britney up.

I hate to admit it, but there is one thing Enzo has done well in this game: moving The Brigade forward.


Right now, it looks like The Brigade's making it to the final four, and they largely have Enzo to thank for that. He's focused on getting rid of their side alliances, and he seemed to be the one to recognize that Matt wasn't as loyal as the other members. That said, it still annoys me that, in every other respect, he's played a bad game.

But enough about Enzo, let's get back to the game.

Lane opens Pandora's Box with the funniest result of the season. He stands a chance to win $10,000, but only wins $91.17. As a result, the entire house is getting three punishments, starting with no silverware or cups for a week.

After this bump in the road, Lane makes the decision he's been dreading and nominates Ragan and Enzo. Going with my "nothing to lose and everything to gain" mantra this season, it would seem that Ragan should win POV. But Enzo is super upset about being nominated over Britney. If he wins POV, Lane will probably nominate Britney and they'll likely send her home.

If Lane's smart, he'll make Hayden the pawn in that scenario so he can stay on Britney's good side. Which, apparently, he needs because Britney doesn't think she'd vote for Lane to win Big Brother 12! She admits to Hayden that Lane doesn't need the prize money. Is Britney trying to get on Hayden's good side or was she serious? It's hard to say, but the alliances in this game sure are getting interesting.

Who do you think will win POV? Who should Lane nominate if he has to replace somebody?


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