Paris Hilton: Guess What Was in Her Purse AGAIN?

Paris HiltonAfer being invovled in incidents around the world for drug possession, Paris Hilton was arrested again last night in Las Vegas for suspicion of cocaine posesssion.

She was stopped in a black SUV after marijuana smoke was seen and smelled "billowing" from the vehicle; cocaine was found in "her" purse. Her man-of-the moment, Cy Waits, was arrested for driving under the influence while Hilton was taken to jail and then released, according to

Sounds like someone has a problem.


Her attorney told the AP: "I caution people not to rush to judgment."

But how can we NOT?

In July she was busted twice for pot possession -- once during the World Cup in South Africa, and once in Corsica.

Both times she was released without charges, and both times denied the accounts.

And I guess she's hoping the third time is a charm as well, because she's denying it again.

According to TMZ, she's saying she "wouldn't be caught dead" with a purse containing cocaine and that it wasn't hers.

Even if she is convicted this time, it doesn't sound like she'd be headed back to jail (she went in 2007 for violating probably after being charged with DUI), but would instead receive probation.

Not much motivation to get a new purse, now is it?

What do you think of Paris Hilton and her deny, deny, deny mantra.

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