Bristol Palin Is Dancing Her Way to Fame Whoredom


Bristol PalinSilly me. I thought that Dancing With the Stars was about professional dancers getting teamed up with stars. But going by this next season's rumored cast, I'm thinking the name Dancing With Fame Whores is more appropriate. The latest contestant revealed? Bristol Palin!

Okay, now pick your jaw up off the floor. If you think about it, is it really all that surprising? The teen mom has been using her "circumstances" to be a quasi-celebrity, being paid to show up at events, landing acting gigs, etc. Now she'll just be doing it in a glittery dress.

Other casted "stars" include The Hills' Audrina Patridge and Jersey Shore's The Situation (please, please let him fist-pump in his dance routines). Needless to say, I think it'll be an interesting season.

What do you think about these cast members?


Image via Astrid Stawiarz/Getty



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Cafe Kim Cafe Kim

Wow. You've got to hand it to Bristol -- she's nothing if not determined. I feel like she would do anything to be on reality TV and  now she's done it!

ryanlynn ryanlynn

So because she is a teen mother she is a whore?

jeann... jeannesager

ryanlynn -- famewhore and "whore" are not the same thing, don't play that game.

Sarah Maul

Good article... one BIG problem. It's okay to not agree with the circumstances that brought someone somewhere... but the use of "whore" in this article kind of disappoints me. I'm all for opinions, but for The Stir to include this article with its current wording is kind of a bummer. I have never met a Cafe Mom article that I second-guessed... before this one.

Alyss... Alyssa11307

come ON.  Fame whore/attention whore does not mean the author thinks Bristol Palin is an actual whore - just a person who will do anything to get attention.

Please everyone, remove the bunch in your panties and the sticks in your asses and don't pretend you don't know what an attention/fame whore is.


Not because she's a teen mother, of course not! Because she's throwing herself into the spotlight in every way possible.

cafemama cafemama

Star status aside... It's going to be hard to keep the politics out of it. If she does a sexy dance (which is status quo on this show), how will that go over with her mom's more conservative supporters?

Jennifer Stilwell

What is the difference between her and any other "celebrity"? How stupid to call her a whore. What about the rest of them?

Sarah Maul

Panties aren't in a bunch here. And I checked and there's no stick. I get the difference. I was just surprised at the wording, that's all. I love The Stir. I love the authors. I love the articles. But I was just a little surprised at this one... Bristol Palin's a kid basically (I don't care how old she is now and don't want to get into that or the choices she made)... yet here we are calling her an attention whore. Didn't disagree with the opinion, just disagreed with the approach.

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