A Rachel? A Finn? Which 'Glee' Character Is Your Kid?

GleeEver sit and watch Glee and wonder which character your child would be if he walked the halls of McKinley High, or which one she is starting to act like already?

Every school in every town in America has these roles embedded in them, even if no one ever breaks into song spontaneously.

Check out these clues to see which role your child may be playing in his or her own school drama.


The Girls

Glee RachelThe Rachel

Driven to succeed at all costs? Doesn't care about who she steps on or annoys along the way? You may have a Rachel. Nothing is going to get in her way ... except perhaps a boy.

Glee QuinnThe Quinn

Popular and perfect, you think she's an angel and so does the whole school. Just be careful, because behind that fabulous façade, she may be keeping some pretty big secrets.

Glee MercedesThe Mercedes

You may have a Mercedes if door slamming, foot stomping, and temper tantrums are de rigueur for your darling. She wants what she wants when she wants it. You also might call her a diva.

Glee TinaThe Tina

Quiet and shy at heart, she often goes unnoticed, but once in awhile lets her inner freak flag fly, which kind of freaks people out. She's still finding herself and may be doing so for a while, but she's going to be OK on the journey.

The Guys

Glee KurtThe Kurt

Barbie dolls over brawling, and fashion over football for most of his life? You may have a Kurt if your son is gay. But he's not one to hide in the closet; rather he's strong and confident and embraces his sexuality.

Glee Artie

The Artie

Inspirational and motivating, your child has faced some tough hurdles in life, but hasn't let them get him down. Instead he uses them to teach and motivate others. You can be proud to call your child an Artie!

Glee FinnThe Finn

Do girls swoon when your son walks by? Do boys and men want to be him? You may have a Finn. Football, girls, and rock 'n' roll occupy the world of your All-American jock. Watch out for those girls!

Glee PuckThe Puck

You know this guy. You've probably dated him (or at least wanted to), but didn't ever think you'd be raising him. He's a bad boy. Women young and old are after him, and he's all-too eager to act on their advances. The soft side of him is there; he just needs to slow down long enough to find it.  

Which Glee character does your child most resemble or do you think he or she is destined to become?

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