'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Is Real, Real, Real, Real ...


khloe kardashianAs a die-hard Keeping Up ... fan I continue to desperately cling to the hope that the family's reality show is actually "real." But these Kardashian sisters are making it really difficult for me to lie to myself hang on. (And don't even get me started on Kris Jenner.)

Khloe Kardashian's latest Twitter tirade -- directed at, who else but her nemesis, Scott Disick -- just seems so ... well ... scripted!

The Kardashian sisters -- Kim, in particular -- owe much of their success to relentless self-promotion on Twitter. But usually they're a little more off the cuff about it than Khloe proved to be early Monday morning when she tweeted the following Disick-hating rants:

Im there 4 Kourt by not letting scott continue 2 hurt her. Tough love it is. Im not going to 4give some1 6 times ...

And ...

Peps r so quick 2 say im mean 2 Kourt. Actually I love her but I want 2 protect her. Scott has been not good  ... 2 her so I need 2 c a REAL change before I feel comfortable letting Mase and Kourt around him.

For one thing, her tweets appeared mere hours after the Season 5 premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Coincidence? Or all part of the Kardashians' master plan to self-promote the heck out of their new show?

Also, the Khloe-Disick feud seems to be the only bit of action in store for this season (unless, of course, you think Kim crying over a wine-stained pillow is action). Could it be that Khloe is playing up her alleged hatred for him in an effort to tease viewers into watching an otherwise boring season?

I suppose it's absurd to debate the realness of a show in which Kris Jenner is Executive Producer. And, yet, I cling to my fantasy because I want to believe that nice, happy (albeit self-involved, frivolous, and diva-ish) families like the Kardashians really do exist in the real world. So why is Khloe trying to burst my bubble?

Do you think the Kardashians' shows are real or scripted? (And how much of an idiot do you think I am for even asking the question?)


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hotic... hoticedcoffee

A huge idiot, lol.  There's nothing real about their show.  C'mon.

Sarah Mahm Khan

lol yeah i used to loveeeeeeee that show but literally everything is so played for the camera and "mere coincidences" are just becoming the norm! it's ridiculous now!

nonmember avatar Khoso

The show is definitely fake. It's always directed like a show or movie, as in there's always a happy ending, for eg when Khloe loses her ring, then Rob just happens to find it in between the sheets that were ABOUT to be laundered? Come ON! It is defintiely scripted and WRITTEN, definitely not the real thing at all. It's a show? Obviously to keep audience tuned in, they have to keep it interesting. I hate myself for watching the show (and liking it), but as my defense, it's always just on when i do house chores (:

nonmember avatar Gagazmonster

I, too, wanted to believe that this show was real. But it just becomes more and more abundantly clear that they come up with these story lines to make TV (e.g. Kim and her bodyguard...COME ON!)And let's not forget the whole KRis and Bruce fight...those two teenagers talking about their parents breaking up was soooooo fake.
Oh well, I guess it is what it is.

nonmember avatar onsail18

Nothing about the Kardashians is anything but fabricated but we all buy into it so why should they do anything but keep producing the nonsense. In July I worked on an event in the Hamptons that the whole family attended - Scott skipped the press line and went straight to the bar and continued to make trips back for several hours - long after kim and gang had left because she "couldn't deal". Two weeks ago a shot from the event was featured in a rag mag...the article was about how Scott is sober. I mean, are you kidding? 3,000 people were in attendance at this event watching him get trashed. Like I said, everything about them is fabricated. BUT...they're still entertaining.

nonmember avatar fan.cam

o... =(

nonmember avatar PD

My best friend works for the network and she says that the show is mostly the real deal, but that some stuff is fabricated. They really are a crazy family, so it's entertaining to watch.

Hamza Kemfibyo Wushishi

The show is too fake. The 4th comment is exactly what i think of the show. i mean seriously, khloe lost her ring and this on again of again Scott and Courtney Kim's ass as well as the show is completely fake its because of the tons of plastic surgery and when ray j ass-fucked her that gives the attention to the show I hope 1 of them dies and the cameras will be rolling showing us hahahahahaha like that will ever happen

Thajbah Al-Sherouqi

I agree, I know the show is fabricated, but they still entertaining, and I just love watching them.

nonmember avatar Joe

The show is 100% fake, just like other such tripe as "The Hills", my girlfriend watches it and I cringe listening to it, greatest load of shite on TV IMHO.

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