10 Bitchiest Reality Stars of All Time


danielle staubEveryone loves a good villain -- in fact, the meaner? The better!

These 10 stars may be the worst human beings on the planet, but they make reality TV worth watching: The back-stabbing, cat fighting, and manipulation is exactly why we tune in each week. How else are we supposed to feel good about ourselves?

Without further ado, we present: the 10 bitchiest reality stars of all time.


Danielle Staub

The notorious Real Housewives of New Jersey star was such a crazy bitch that she wasn't asked back for Season 3. And it's no wonder: Dina quit this year because she's so scared of Danielle, and the other women threatened to follow.


Kate Gosselin

We suspected that Kate had a bitchy side after watching Jon & Kate Plus 8 (and with a partner like that, who wouldn't?). But we didn't expect her to let it loose to the extent that she did on Dancing With the Stars. Neither the fans nor her competitors and professional dancers had anything nice to say about Kate G. by the end of the season. In fact, she didn't even get an invite to the reunion party.

kate gosselin


Jill Zarin

In Season 3 of the Real Housewives of New York, Jill Zarin was the epitome of "mean girl" with her incessant gossiping, name calling, and trying to make the other Housewives take sides with her against Bethenny.


Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth

The infamous Apprentice star couldn't be more unlikeable if she tried. She often used pushiness, spite, and manipulation to get what she wanted, and when that didn't work, she wasn't above playing the race card. Omarosa was such an expert at being awful that she actually got paid to write about it. The title of her book? The Bitch Switch: Knowing How to Turn It On and Off, of course.



Amber Portwood

Most fans of MTV's Teen Mom agree that Amber is a real bitch to her baby daddy, Gary. She whines, screeches, and demonstrates some all-around crazy behavior -- is it any wonder he wants to walk out?


Olivia Palermo

Nobody can pull off "stuck-up bitch" quite like Olivia and look so great doing it. The fashionista, socialite, and Elle accessories editor did her best to terrorize Whitney Port on The City but in the end got a taste of her own medicine in the form of Erin Kaplan.


Puck Rainey

The original bad boy, Puck was one of the first reality stars to discover (on MTV's The Real World: San Francisco) that it pays -- literally -- to be bitchy. His caustic personality clashed so much with others on the show that he was eventually thrown out of the house by his roommates.


Jade Cole

America's Next Top Model hopeful (on Season 3) pissed off fans and fellow models alike with her bitchiness and irritating tendency to speak of herself in the third person. She actually said, "People think I'm a bitch when they first meet me because I'm pretty and I have this beautiful body." Need more convincing? This clip pretty much sums it up:


Richard Hatch

"Compassion-less" would be a good way to describe the first season winner of CBS' Survivor, who managed to alienate himself from all of his teammates for being cocky and all-around evil. In an ironic twist of fate, he didn't pay taxes on the million bucks he won and was sent to federal prison. You know what they say? Karma's a bitch.


Vienna Girardi

Everyone loves to hate the Hooters waitress and femme fatale character of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, who vied for Jake Pavelka's affections while pissing off the other girls along the way. The animosity toward Vienna and her conniving, media-grabbing ways continued well after the show was over with rumors of infidelity running rampant.


Who do you think is the bitchiest reality TV star of all time?

Images via BravoTV.com; TLC.com; Splashnews.com

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I only know TWO of the people on that list.  LOL

CjsMa... CjsMama914

I refuse to watch Danielle or Omarosa. They just go too far.

Julie... Julieryanevans

great list! I have to give it to Olivia though. most of the rest of them have clear mental issues, Olivia is just flat out mean and a true bitch. can't stand her, but can't tear myself away from watching her either.

xavie... xavierlogan09

i agree about amber,kate,and jade. they are total bitches. i can't stand kate and amber. but i stil watch teen mom. i don't watch kate plus 8. she makes me angry. she's not a star. she shouldn't have been on dancing with the stars. 

nonmember avatar Penny

I disagree about Olivia. She isn't getting payback from Erin. She is torturing Erin the same way she tortured Whit.
And why isn't Teresa Giudice on this list?

nonmember avatar Yara

I think Farrah from Teen Mom was THE biggest bitch on that show.

nonmember avatar Linda

How could you not name Russell Hantz on two seasons of Survivor? He gave an all new meaning to villain stopping at nothing to win and then calling the game flawed when he did not win.

britt6 britt6

Kari Anne from Celebrity Rehab and Sober House with Dr. Drew. She was insane!



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