January Jones to Star as Sexy Superhero

January JonesLooks like January Jones has a thing for starring in shows/movies with the word "men" in the title. The actress best known as Betty Draper on Mad Men has signed on to play Emma Frost, aka the White Queen, in X-Men Origins: First Class.

It'll probably be quite the shock for fans to see her go from wearing covered-up '60s dresses to a (I'm sure) super-revealing, skin-showing, possibly shiny latex superhero costume.

I can already anticipate the excitement and copious amounts of drooling from the comic book/fantasy fan boys.

It looks like Emma Frost has telepathic powers in the X-Men comics, and needs to wear a light-colored, ab-bearing, cleavage-showing costume with extremely tight pants to do so. Hey, whatever works for her.


Emma Frost
Oh, Betty Draper ...
She's joining a list of extremely good-looking stars (shocking, I know). James McAvoy, who's known for his roles in Atonement; The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; and Wanted, among others (can't say he isn't versatile), is going to be a young Charles Xavier.

Michael Fassbender from Inglourious Basterds will play Erik Lehnsherr, who turns into Magneto, and Kevin Bacon will be starring as Sebastian Shaw (I guess he's the villain), so that playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon will become that much easier.

My first impression (based on a quick scan of IMDb) is that there are just too many characters and I'll be constantly wondering who's who and who can do what with which body part. I'm hoping that they'll be able to pull off the best-friends-become-rivals storyline between Xavier and Erik. But I'm glad they're finally doing an X-Men movie that isn't all about Wolverine -- no matter how much I'll miss swooning over Hugh Jackman.

Back on point: I thought the last movie in the X-Men trilogy and the one featuring Wolverine's origins were just so-so ... I may have slept through both of them. The first two, though, I really enjoyed. If this new movie is anything like the first two, I'll definitely go see it. Okay, you saw right through me -- I'll probably go check this one out anyway.

Are you going to see this new X-Men movie? Think they need to stop making them?

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