'Big Brother 12' Recap: Rachel Returns, Ragan's Rich

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Big Brother 12 Brigade down to three?
Oh, Big Brother 12, you're the best. What started as a slow season has definitely picked up.

This week, Brendon nominated Lane and Ragan, leaving everyone scratching their heads.

Well, everyone except Ragan, who was too busy being "devastated." But that motivation was just what he needed to win the POV. Impressive, Ragan!

This makes his first win, and what a good time to start. As saboteur, he gets $20K for making it two weeks without being discovered or evicted. So, okay, he's not rich, but that's a nice chunk of change for recording some stupid messages.

But this takes a back seat to Rachel's return.


Brendon opened Pandora's Box, thinking he'd see Rachel but instead, they switched places. And here I thought Julie was lying when she told Rachel she might be back in the Big Brother house.

It's no secret that Rachel's irritating, but she's more bearable when you know her time in the house is limited to 24 hours. Which is why instead of hating her, I sat back and enjoyed the entertainment. Two minutes in, she was already fighting with Ragan. And then again. And again. Ragan won every fight. He made it clear that 1) she's not better at the game and 2) she's not a good person. Zing!

And even though she's no longer allowed to play the game, she leaves Brendon a message in pretzels to nominate Matt. Which he obviously does. Oh, Brendon, play your own game!

Is anybody else confused about how the Diamond Power of Veto works anyway? I thought he needed to use it at the ceremony, but apparently not. Assuming he didn't miss his chance to use it -- how funny would that be! -- who will he put up? My guess is he'll nominate Kathy, who's still floating along in this game.

That is, of course, if he doesn't realize that The Brigade's kicking him out of the cool kids club. I have to admit, I saw this coming. Matt was always the odd one out: He doesn't look like them, he doesn't act like them, he's smarter than them, and his first reign as HOH showed that he had his own game plan.

Did you like Rachel's return? Who do you think will go home tomorrow?


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