'Big Brother 12' Recap: Goodbye 'Tequila, Vomit & 100 Dollar Bills'

Big Brother 12 houseguest Rachel
Big Brother 12 evicted houseguest Rachel
Big Brother 12 last night was the perfect mix of expected and unexpected.

Expected: Brendon's awful plan failed and Rachel was evicted with a unanimous vote. Meow Meow said something ludicrous and hilarious, this time it was a science metaphor to describe the power of The Brigade -- something about the center of gravity and the physics of the house. Britney's Diary Room footage was hilarious, but the best line of the night was when she voted to evict Rachel, saying she was voting for "tequila, vomit, and $100 bills [pause] Rachel."

Unexpected: Brendon saying that he's trying to save Rachel because she might be the mother of his children. Um, what? I thought he had fallen hard but, mother of your children, Brendon? You've known her for, what, a month now?!

I was starting to wonder if she was brainwashing him or something when we got an unexpected treat ... Brendon's ex-fiancée.


According to his ex-fiancée, Brendon is emotional and does what he thinks he needs to do to make a woman fall in love with him. From there, he tries to make her change into what he needs her to be.

Apparently, watching Brendon with Rachel reminds her of their own relationship, and I panicked a bit when Rachel confessed to Julie that she might move to L.A. to be with Brendon. This is the same woman who said she was "quintessential Vegas" and wouldn't move for anything.

I sincerely hope that Rachel learns from her Big Brother experience. I hope she realizes that she doesn't need to be so dramatic, that maybe she really did alienate herself, and that not everybody is trying to come between her and her man. I won't even say I hope she dumps said man, because I'm sure that's inevitable if we're to believe his ex-fiancée. Although, after seeing how irrational Rachel was when talking to Ragan about why nobody likes her, I'm thinking maybe Brendon and Rachel really are made for each other.

Sadly, the episode ended with the houseguests trying to untangle themselves in the HOH competition, but I'm pretty sure Brendon won HOH. He's a great competitor and has the most motivation to win this one. If it's not him, then I'm hoping Britney finally gets her chance, if only to see what she's really thinking. We'll find out for sure on Sunday.

Are you happy to see Rachel go? What do you think she'll do in the jury house all by herself for a week?


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