'Big Brother 12' Recap: Do Jeff & Jordan Hate Brenchel?

Big Brother 12 showmance Brendon and Rachel
Big Brother 12's Brendon & Rachel
The latest Big Brother 12 left me dissatisfied ... until I looked back and realized how many moments had me cracking up.

  • Brendon, upset about being nominated, lashes out on Matt. By calling him a midget. Way to be creative, Bren!
  • Brendon and Rachel stay up until 5 a.m. practicing for veto. They both lose and Brendon has a hissy fit.
  • Rachel has a huge fight with Kathy for being happy that she beat her in the POV. Rachel doesn't realize how loud her own celebrations have been when she or Brendon wins.
  • Brendon gives a fake "Britney you're a spoiled brat. Give me the veto!" speech. Great move -- that move worked splendidly for Andrew.

I guess it's sad that one of them will be leaving since they make up all of my favorite moments.

Speaking of Brenchel, Jeff and Jordan seemed to be fans of Meow Meow, but was it just me, or did they not love Brenchel so much?


Big Brother 11 showmance Jeff and Jordan
Big Brother's Jeff & Jordan
Jeff and Jordan didn't really try to amp them up during the POV competition the way they did some of the others, and it didn't really help that Brendon almost hit them when he flung that ball across the air. Brenchel also seem to think of themselves as the new Jeff & Jordan, so I guess I don't blame them for being less than thrilled to meet the annoying pair.

Either way, it didn't matter because, sadly, they weren't there for very long. Before we knew it, Britney won her third POV and Jeff and Jordan were gone.

You know, Britney's starting to grow on me. She befriended Rachel at the right time and avoided Brenchel's bad side, she recognizes how powerful Lane and Hayden are and shows loyalty to them, and she's thrown a competition or two when necessary but doesn't float by.

Kathy also impressed me: she stood up to Rachel! She's probably not safe for long because her floating is too obvious, but I'm sure she earned some cool points by not backing down when Rachel started ranting and raving.

But Ragan was not so impressive in his pathetic attempt to turn Brendon and Rachel against each other. A video message telling Rachel that Brendon is throwing competitions? That was never going to work.

Instead, he should have spoken to each of them privately and planted seeds of doubt or pointed out the ways in which they're incompatible. The good thing is that everyone's convinced Rachel's the saboteur, so she's sure to be gone, no matter how many fake speeches Brendon gives.

Who do you think is going home this week? Who should be the next out of the house?


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