Jackie Evancho: 10-Year-Old Singing Sensation Channels Susan Boyle

Did you see Jackie Evancho sing on America's Got Talent last night? If not, you must check her out.

I had the show on as background noise, and when I heard her singing, I looked up to see if Susan Boyle was making an appearance or something. Instead, there was this adorable little 10-year-old girl with an incredible voice.

Listen for yourself:



The judges were impressed.

"I'm waiting for the lady to come out, who was really singing that," said host Nick Cannon.

Jackie EvanchoAnd really it is almost eerie to hear that voice come out of that tiny girl, but amazing nonetheless.

Evancho made it on the show because her YouTube tape got the most votes among fans, and deservedly so!

I love that she seems like such a normal young kid. She's from Pittsburgh and didn't start singing until a couple years ago when her family took her to see The Phantom of the Opera. She's already booked to perform at Carnegie Hall in December.

Go Jackie, go!


Image via YouTube

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