Fantasia Barrino: Suicide Attempt Due to Broken Heart Over Antwaun Cook?

FantasiaFantasia Barrino is "doing fine" and recovering in the hospital after attempting suicide Monday evening. According to RadarOnline, she was found in her closet with internal injuries after overdosing on sleeping aids and aspirin.

"Her injuries are not life threatening," Barrino's manager, Brian Dickens, told "She was dehydrated and exhausted at the time. She will be released from the hospital soon."

That's good news, of course, but the question is why?


What could cause the former American Idol who has overcome so much in life to finally achieve success to attempt to take her own life? What could possibly be worse than what she's already been through (sexual abuse, life as a poverty-stricken teenage mother) to make her give up all she's earned?

As details unfold, it appears an affair with a married man, Antwaun Cook, who she reportedly thought was separated, could be at the center of the pain that drove her to take such drastic measures.

Her suicide attempt came just hours after her manager addressed a sex tape of Barrino and Cook and after she read a complaint from Cook's wife, Paula Cook, who is filing for divorce against him -- allegedly because of the tape.

Dickens said the two dated on and off for about 11 months, and that Fantasia "fell in love with Mr. Cook and believed that he loved her."

So whether she decided to try and take her life because her heart was broken and he lied to her, or she felt guilty about destroying a marriage, or embarrassed about the sex tape, or a combination of all of the above and more, is unknown.

Dickens said Fantasia will be OK in the end.

"Fantasia is a fighter and a survivor," he said. "This is not the hardest thing Fantasia has endured. Fantasia will be stronger, smarter, and better for it. Her work has always inspired her and served as a source of strength."

I certainly hope that's the case this time as well.

Are you shocked by Fantasia's suicide attempt?

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