The Hills: Justin Bobby and Spencer are Jerks! Shocking?

Photo by: MTV/The Hills

The Hills is full of boy drama! Justin Bobby is worthless to Audrina, Spencer is a jerk to an important person in Heidi's life. This is not news, Audrina and Heidi! Wake up and smell the coffee! I'll let my friend Gossip Girl fill you in on the dirty details of the last two weeks of The Hills.


November 3 Episode-The Hills
Audrina confronts Lauren about her plans on moving out. Lauren is sad, but more shocked that Audrina is planning on moving that weekend!  is all  Audrina has one more person to talk to about her big plans…Mr. Justin Bobby. While dining out with Justin Bobby, Audrina tells him she has found a new place to live and pretty much asks him to move in.  Of course Justin leaves her hanging, so once again she's disappointed.

Lo and Lauren are discussing Audrina move and Lo’s say she feels “bad” about how the situation ended. Ha!   Audrina takes her sister Casey for a tour of her new house.  Heidi and Kimberly are at the hot spot XIV working the event party for Sam and Bolthouse. But Heidi invites her crew and proceeds to get wasted doing tequila shots! Nice. The next day Heidi is called into Brent’s office and gets fired for blowing off her job and getting drunk with her friends.

Audrina is packs up for her big move. Lauren shows up, and offers a hand to Audrina with the packing. Naturally Justin isn't around to help her move. Lots of hugging as the episode ends.

November 10 Episode-The Hills
It's back to New York for Whitney and Lauren. Kelly Cutrone has a line of fashion shows set up, and who better to help her than Whitney and Lauren? Alex is a model that Whitney is “dating” and he will be one of the models for Kelly Cutrone.

Whitney and Lauren meet up with some other male models from the show at a bar. Whitney is immediately drawn to a hottie from Australia named Jay, the lead singer of a band that is playing. Whitney can’t stop gushing to Lauren how cute he is, so she gets up the nerve to buy him a shot. Whitney leaves the bar with her new crush Jay.

Back on the West Coast, Heidi is still upset that she was fired from Bolthouse. Spencer and Heidi go out for dinner. While out, Heidi’s mood isn’t getting any better and they spot Brent Bolthouse! Spencer is eager to talk to Brent and wants to make amends.  Brent is not having any of it and puts Spencer in his place. Finally. Brent tells Spencer he is nothing but trouble and ends the conversation by letting Spencer know that he doesn't want to see him around. Spencer backs down.  Heidi apologizes to Brent for Spencer...again. Brent lays it on the line that Spencer is a loser. She asks Brent if he would reconsider her for a position at Bolthouse. Brent says he'll get back to her.

Is it me or do the rest of you Hills fans want to scream at Audrina and Heidi? Talk to me!

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