True Blood: Are You Sucked In?

Photo by: HBO/True Blood

True Blood is getting weirder and wilder! There are only two more episodes left. My friend barefootbchbum is the True Blood expert, so I'll let her take it from here. Spoiler alert, y'all!


November 2 Episode-Plaisir d'Amour-In this episode of True Blood, Amy and Jason kidnap a vampire for V. Eric and Pam visit Bon Temps and Bill is held accountable for his actions regarding the incident at Fangtasia. Sam agrees to put on Arlene and Rene's engagement party.  The big news is that the truth about Sam is revealed!

November 9 Episode-I Don't Wanna Know-Sam reveals the truth about himself to Sookie. Tara goes into the woods to have her "demon" exercised. Arlene and Rene have their engagement party at Merlotte's. Bill faces the Tribunal and learns his fate for protecting Sookie from another vampire.

Only two episodes of True Blood left!  Can you tell I am completely obsessed with Bill the Vampire? Are you obsessed?

Photo by: HBO/True Blood

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