Snooki Arrested ... But Was She Wearing Underwear?

snookiNothing like a good arrest to drum up ratings. Some are saying that Snooki's (Nicole Polizzi) arrest on Friday for disorderly conduct was a staged attempt to attract even more viewers to MTV's Jersey Shore, a reality show about the tannest, craziest, guido-est 20-somethings you can imagine partying hard in a New Jersey beach town.

Perhaps the most attention will be drawn not to her summons, but to some of those revealing shots of her backside as she was being led in cuffs to the patrol car. Was she or wasn't she wearing underwear


Snooki was wearing a pink zebra print tank-top with the words "slut" across the front, and a super-short, paper-thin, tie-die stretch miniskirt that left very little to the imagination. So much so that one of the "exclusive shots" of the arrest on TMZ contains a blurred out spot between her legs.

Luckily, the MTV cameras were there to capture it all, so you'll probably get to decide for yourself. If you really want to. Gulp.

Seaside Heights, New Jersey Police Chief Thomas Boyd says Polizzi was arrested at around 3:25 p.m. Friday and charged with disorderly conduct after other beach-goers reported she was bothering them. Snooki? Annoying? Why does that strike me as one of the most obvious statements of the year.

Snooki was sitting on bench, reportedly drinking "something" from a beer bong. One report says it was just coke, but others say her behavior could not be explained by a caffeine high alone.

Snooki's ex-boyfriend Emilo Masella is convinced it was a publicity stunt, shot a day after the premiere of the second season, which attracted mixed reviews. People magazine ran an review the next day titled "Is the Magic Gone?" This, despite the increase in ratings over last season. Masella says Snooki is trying to secure a spot on the next "Celebrity Rehab." I say this girl is really going places.


Image via elgin.jessica/Flickr

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