Kanye West Joins Twitter, Aziz Ansari Predicts Tweets: Celebrity Tweets of the Week

Alas, this is my last installment of Celebrity Tweets! Fun as they are, it's time to move on. There's only so many times I can make fun of Brooke Burke before I just have to take a plane to L.A. and hit her with a Blackberry.

Anyway, I leave on a high note, as Kanye West has finally joined Twitter with a verified account! So far, so AWESOME: He has tweeted about the over-the-top furnishings and accoutrements in his home, had many deep thoughts, and been retweeted with snarky comebacks all over the place. It's the best. You must follow him. Here are my faves so far:















The answer to the question you didn't realize you wanted to ask:












Here's he talks about one of life's many hardships:













It's enough to render the tweeted prediction of comedian and Parks and Recreation actor Aziz Ansari's sorta toothless!














Okay, okay. Back to regular life. Remember Adam Carolla from The Man Show and Loveline? Love him. So funny. Didn't realize he was a dad. Kinda lol'ing at his take on mealtime:













Christina Applegate is one of us! Pregnant, sluggish and cravey! Hey, now she really is married ... with children. Weird!














And I close with the ever adorable Kal Penn, of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (etc) and The Namesake. The sequel to H&K featured an extended scene where they end up in George W. Bush's home. It's a movie. Then this happened.




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