Chelsea Clinton Wedding Playlist: Boogie-Worthy or Boring?

The Isley BrothersChelsea Clinton's July 31 wedding is fast approaching, and there have been plenty of rumors -- both true and false -- about what the lucky guests will experience at the $2 million shingdig. The latest leak is Clinton's wedding playlist, which TMZ has reportedly acquired.

If the list is accurate, I've got to say it's a little ... lame. Sorry, I know wedding music isn't always grand, and it's her wedding and she can have it anyway she wants it, but ...

Check out the selections for the band (which is setting them back $40,000) and see for yourself:


"Wild World" -- Cat Stevens

"The Dock of the Bay" -- Otis Redding

"Think" -- Aretha Franklin

"Billie Jean" -- Michael Jackson

"Higher and Higher" -- Jackie Wilson

"It's Your Thing" -- The Isley Brothers

"Twistin' the Night Away" -- Sam Cooke

"Happy Together" -- The Turtles

And there's more. Lots of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder and more Motown, but the only songs I see from this decade are "I Got a Feelin'" by the Back Eyed Peas and "Beautiful Day" by U2 (which was barely in this decade).

It's not that I don't like a lot of the songs, it's just they're all so OLD. And the mix as a whole isn't all that interesting -- I've heard all of it at weddings (and in diners) countless times.

Perhaps Chelsea, 30, and husband-to-be Marc Mezvinsky, 32, are old souls, or perhaps Bill had a heavy hand in the selection, who knows. As long as they're happy with it, I guess it doesn't matter what I think, because somehow my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail.

What do you think of Chelsea Clinton's wedding playlist?


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